Blog Post Ideas

Ever caught yourself thinking ❝ I don’t know what to post!

This is a list of blog post ideas that Mandy and Sha have thought up over their years of blogging. These ideas are free to use/adapt. If you choose to do so, please credit us by linking back to bookprincessreviews somewhere in your final post. This allows others to find our ideas post x

Some ideas are similar to others around the blogosphere, but we have added our own spin to them as well as taken the time to compile this list. Hence why we ask you to take a moment and credit us if you do use any after going through the list.


➩ rank the first sentence in books (our version)
• compare similar first sentences
• guess the rest of the story based on the first sentences

➩ rank YA books (our version)
• compare YA books with similar plot structures
• rank YA books that you read several years ago
• re-rate books you read several years ago

➩ rank celebrity-written books (our version)
• review a celebrity-written book
• discuss the value of celebrity-written fiction

➩ rank popular cover artists
• create your own cover art for a favourite book

➩ rank chapter titles (our version)
• make up your own chapter titles for popular books
• play a game where others have to guess book based on titles


➩ book festivals that are coming up (our version)
• recount your own experience at a book festival
• create your own bookfest lineup

➩ book recommendations based on a popular netflix series (our version)
books that are faster to read than X movie/tv show
• audiobooks narrated by the same actor(s) seen in X

➩ books with no romance
• books that would have been better without romance / with a romance

➩ gifts for a book lover (our version)
• provide suggestions only from independent sellers / Black-owned companies
• book products that should exist
• design your own bookstore / book merch

➩ books becoming movies (our version)
• review a book adaptation
• should we have book adaptations of movies?
• rank adaptions that have come out so far

➩ create a soundtrack for a favourite book

➩ my favourite emotional re-reads


➩ book blogger incentives + payment (our version)

➩ how to treat a DNF book (our version)
• what are NetGalley expectations when writing a review
• what does school teach us about writing book reviews

➩ how to ensure you will love a book (our version)
• is there value to reading “bad” books / books you dislike
• can we trust the hype around books
• celebrity endorsed books

➩ YA and romance (our version)

➩ reading many books at the same time (our version)

➩ the role of book reviews (our version)

➩ book rants (our version)
• should a blog be a primarily positive space
• do blogs have a “business” aspect

➩ pros and cons of read-a-thons (our version)
• list of your favourite read-a-thons
• how to start your own read-a-thon (guide)

➩ twitter drama / book drama (our version)


➩ theme park rides as YA books (our version)

➩ books you wish existed (our version)

➩ comparison of books by the same author (our version)
• the first book you read by a favourite author

➩ respond to negative reviews of a fave book (our version)
• respond to positive reviews of a fave book
• can positive reviews of a “meh” book change your mind?

➩breakdown the typical life of a YA protag (our version)
• would you survive the life of a protag from X book

➩ guess a book’s plot from its cover (our version)
• decide if you would read a book or not from its cover
• guess a book’s genre from its cover

➩ create a book haul with a budget (our version)