#POLL: Do You Rate a DNF on Goodreads?

As a reader, it’s inevitable that we come across a book we choose to DNF. We may not have liked a particular turn in the story, or we may have chosen the right book at the wrong time. Either way, at the end we’re faced with the question: do I rate this unfinished read?


A) YES. 

There’s a reason you DNF’d the book, and this should impact the overall rating. For example, you stopped reading because the writing was poor and the plot made little sense.

B) YES as long as you explain in detail the reason you DNF’d.

You believe your negative experience with the book should impact the book’s overall rating, but that other readers should also understand what exactly made you put down the book. If you can’t give textual reasons why you DNF’d the book  (ex: it was more of a mood reason) then you won’t rate at all.

C) NO.

Since you DNF’d the book, you don’t know how it ended. Maybe whatever irritated you was explained later. To be fair, you either keep DNFs entirely to yourself or only post a review without the rating.


Leave your vote in the comments below!


23 thoughts on “#POLL: Do You Rate a DNF on Goodreads?

  1. Sometimes. If I give up really early on I usually don’t rate it. If I read at least half of it though I usually leave a rating (and explain my reason for the rating).

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  2. For me personally, ratings encompass the book as a whole therefore I cannot justify giving a rating to a book I’ve DNFed. I’d only be rating that little bit I’ve read and it would just be negative rather than that balance between the positive and the negative which I like to consider in my ratings.

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  3. I think that you can absolutely REVIEW a DNFed book, but I wouldn’t give it a rating. I feel like that is inherently unfair to label a book without finishing the story, HOWEVER, people still deserve to express what they didn’t like or why they found it problematic so I think its safe to review and not rate unfinished books.

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  4. I do not rate DNFs. I don’t even list them on Goodreads. I keep track of them, privately, and I give feedback to the publisher, if they were NG or EW ARCs, but I don’t think it’s fair to assigned a value to a book I never finished. That’s my thing, and I get that other people see it differently, and that’s fine.

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      1. I think the hate spewing that usually accompanies an DNF is where I have a problem, but the bloggers I follow don’t tend to do that.


  5. I think maybe ‘B’ but without the rating? That way you can share what you struggled with but you’re not giving an actual score to something that you didn’t finish? I don’t really DNF books though. I have one book that I didn’t finish this year but I was in a slump and couldn’t get into it and I was so excited for it that I had a feeling the problem was me, not the book,so I’m still planning to read it. Hopefully soon actually.

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    1. Wow, I’m really impressed that you haven’t DNF’d a book all year! I’ve started to DNF a bit more, but less because books aren’t good and more because they don’t appeal to my taste at the moment. (In which case, I wouldn’t rate or review). It’s great when the books you pick up all appeal to you, isn’t it!

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      1. I did sort of DNF Enchantee but that was due to the mood that I was in, I think, and it was one of the books that I was most excited about this year so I fully intend to pick it up again soon, once I know that I’m getting into reading again. And yes, it is great when that happens (:


  6. I don’t really give books a rating but if I feel like it I leave a little note saying why. Most of the time if I don’t finish it it’s because I picked it up at the wrong time!

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  7. I used to rate DNF’d books, but this year I stopped. Not for any particular reason, other than it didn’t feel right to give them 1 star. I even stopped rating books that I read but didn’t love or the ones that were a complete disappointment.

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  8. It’s been a while since I’ve last had to DNF a book – thankfully – but I think I gave all of my DNF’s one star on Goodreads, because one star for me is having completely despised the book, probably not even finished it (I’m already anticipating that situation, I suppose). But I completely understand people who don’t rate their DNF’s, as I agree it doesn’t make much sense to do so, especially when one’s in the beginning. :/

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    1. Yeah, if I can make it more than halfway through a book but there are clear reasons why I dislike it and want to stop reading, I’ll give it one star on Goodreads. To me, it shows other potential readers hey! this book wasn’t good to the point I couldn’t finish. Even a great ending wouldn’t change my mind! But I understand why others can choose not to rate.

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