#POLL: Chapter Titles. Big Yes or Bigger No?

This poll is so straightforwards, I don’t even have a preamble.

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[A] YES TO CHAPTER TITLES. They add an extra hint of the author’s flavour to the book.

[B] NO TO CHAPTER TITLES. I’m here to read the book. Even if there were chapter titles, I wouldn’t notice.

[C] IT DEPENDS. Some books benefit from titles. Others don’t need it.

I’m firm in the “it depends” camp on this one. A lot of the time, I don’t even notice what chapter I’m on, never mind if there are chapter titles. But with humour books in particular, I like when the author adds in witty titles.

What it comes down to for me: the title should enhance the work, not detract or distract.

Cast your vote in the comments!

Are books better with comments? Do you have a favourite book that uses chapter titles?


34 thoughts on “#POLL: Chapter Titles. Big Yes or Bigger No?

  1. I’m definitely in the it depends category too. I totally agree with them being able to add a lot to humorous books. Sometimes when it’s just generic (like a chapter about the first day of school is just called “first day”) I end up not reading any of the titles!

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  2. I’m firmly in the “I ignore chapter titles” camp. I’ll read the little “excerpts” from fictional books at the top of the pages, but the only time I pay attention to chapter titles is when I’m listening to audiobooks.

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  3. I love the clever and funny chapter titles. Gail Carriger’s can be really funny. But if there’s art for each chapter, I do want a chapter title even if it’s more of a general type. For example, Harry Potter or Nevermoor. 🙂

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  4. I love a chapter title personally, I could be in the depends camp at some point in my life, but so far I am yet to find a book in which I dislike the chapter titles. The ones I have seen are often humourous and give the book a little more flavour. But there’s surely some out there that are a waste of time 🙂
    Great post ❤

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  5. I love well-thought of chapter titles! But as you said I will probably only realize they are there near the end of the book.. I just want to know the story!


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  6. I think it depends too! Sometimes chapter titles feel irrelevant in certain books, but I usually like them because it adds a little extra intrigue to the story.

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  7. I’m strongly in the “it depends” category as well. There are some books that I wish would have chapter titles, and others that are so bland that I never end up reading the chapter titles because I don’t find they add anything, However Rick Riordan’s titles are the best, for sure!

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  8. C. I gotta be honest and say that a lot of the time I usually don’t notice chapter titles, but other times (like in Rick Riordan’s books) they add a lot of value and humour.

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  9. Definitely depends for me.
    I don’t like it when the titles give away what happens in the chapter…but I like it when they are cheeky or funny.
    That being said, I mostly like them in (and see more often) in the MG books I read. Where they are cheeky and cute.

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