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Book Princess Mandy started BPR in October 2016 thinking three reviews a day was perfection. What she didn’t quite realize was that what was truly needed was a unique princess rating system, book tags, and possibly a bestie co-author. Cue Sha’s arrival in January 2018, along with a lifestyle section (featured on Fridays).

Books remain at the core of BPR, with ARC reviews, author interviews, and blog tours dropping every week. Mandy and Sha can’t stop reading, and they want you to join them every step of the way!

This blog is first and foremost about books, for the people who love books, and don’t expect that to change any time soon. ❤


The Disney Princesses embody a culture of female heroism in film (inspired by literature). Children around the world grow up learning about princesses! Here at BPR, we offer the following perspective: princesses are strong. Princesses are the heroes of their own story. Princesses are the girls and women who survive their story. Disney films are not without their flaws, but we want to emphasize the strengths and encourage you to do the same in your own lives (through our reading!). To do this, we use our unique Princess Rating System to showcase the princess qualities found in each book we read.


  • Book Tags + Awards: We know everyone loves a good book tag, and these two princesses love them too. Watch us (okay, mostly Mandy) answer all the book prompts and unnecessary but fun book questions!
  • The Princesses Read: Each Saturday (or whenever Mandy gets the call of the great Mouse House), Mandy tackles a new Disney heroine, hero, villain, and more to try to guess what they would be reading in YA.
  • Princess Wars: Watch Sha and Mandy battle it out as they buddy read (and then review, of course) a novel. You would think two best friends would share a taste in literature . . . but hey, makes for good blogging!
  • Beauty: Learn everything there is to know about the #crueltyfreebeauty world with informational posts, short videos, and tutorials.
  • #POLLS + Discussions: Find out what your fellow bookies think on topics ranging from book buying (library or bookstore?) to book reading (Kindle VS paperback) to whether eating snacks while enjoying some fine literature is truly a no-no.
  • Book Budget Queen: Browse this section for all hacks related to shopping (and living!) on a budget. Get ready for some quick and easy recipes, book shopping tips, DIY gift ideas, and more.