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Launched in October 2016, Book Princess Reviews may have only begun as a book review site, but now it’s home to much book, princess, and lifestyle content. Book Princess Mandy started the website thinking three reviews a day was perfection, not quite realizing that what was instead needed was a unique princess rating system, book tags, and more.

The Disney Princesses embody a culture of female heroism in film (inspired by literature). Children around the world grow up to learn about princesses with different takes. Here at BPR, we offer the following perspective: princesses are strong. Princesses are the heroes of their own story. Princesses are the girls and women who survive their story. Disney films are not without their flaws, but we want to emphasize the strengths and encourage you to do the same in your own lives (through our reading!).

Now, readers can find The Princesses Read series which takes on what Disney characters will be reading. The newest addition to the blog, Sha, is taking the cruelty-free makeup world by horse and carriage: Makeup Fridays feature cruelty-free beauty tutorials and informational posts. Sha also heads Chooseday Tuesday, where readers can vote on the book Sha will read and review the next week. Most recently, the blog added a Lifestyle feature to encompass its beauty content as well as some DIY posts and simple recipes for the lovely readers who want to spend their time and hard earned cash on books (and not whipping up a glazed ham that’ll make Gordon Ramsay cry).

These princesses may not know where they’re going next, but as long as they have a book in hand, they’re ready to take the crown! This blog is first and foremost about the books, for the people who love the books, and don’t expect that to change any time soon. ❤

About Mandy: Book Reviewer, Book Princess, and Creator

18251918_1256896247762772_8327039145595633664_nName: Book Princess Mandy or, you know, Mandy for short

Location: Wonderland; chasing the sun (major props to you if you get the lovely boy band reference); Fairytaleland (it’s a real place inside my head)

Obsessions Hobbies: taking long walks on nonexistent beaches; quoting The Princess Bride at the most inopportune times; gathering all knowledge possible on how to be a princess from my Disney counterparts; and writing creatively. Oh, and, you know, reading.

I really don’t think I’m a Disney princess, but according to a Buzzfeed quiz, I technically am 40% princess, so that counts for something, right? You will always find me fangirling over books full of swoons, fairytale retellings, and mystery/thrillers – or basically anything YA. I’m YA trash, although give me a good mystery/thriller or gothic ghostie book, and I’m a total mess as well.

I’m a soulless book reader who doesn’t cry over books. I DNF (do not finish) books far too quickly. I can’t ride a bike. I have weird buzzwords for books, and they include: Bigfoot/Sasquatch, aliens, boy bands, and ghosties. I fangirl hard. I’m a recovering book hipster (although my favorites shelf still hasn’t caught up to that).

I’m forever behind on tags. My comments are forever spammed, so I never get a little alert that our conversation has been continued and I accidentally leave a lot of people talking to a comment void – I AM SO SORRY FOR THE COMMENT OBLIVION; LET’S JUST BLAME WORDPRESS? I respond to Twitter and email a bit more slowly nowadays, so if you haven’t gotten a response, it’s just me…taking my sweet ole social media time.

I’m co-creator of The New Disney Princess Book Tag, and I have a weekly feature called The Princesses Read, where each week you can find out what YA books each Disney leading lady would be reading.

You can find me on Twitter, Goodreads, and Instagram.

If you’re interested in a breakdown of my favorite books, click here on the link to see what actually made the picky Book Princess’s list!

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About Sha: Author, Makeup Youtuber, and More


Name: Shania, or Sha.

Location: Canada, the land of poutine and French words and apparently no Ulta makeup stores.

Hobbies Obsessions: Wearing extremely creative makeup looks on my face, in public, with probably a lot of glitter and pazzazz; taking naps at inopportune times; binge-watching anything Marvel-related.

I never needed a Buzzfeed quiz to tell me I’m blood and sinew, 100% princess. I expect the best of the best from the people that hang out with me (it’s all about the R-E-S-P-E-C-T) and will never say no to a little pampering. Maybe I’m not as hung up on the prince as I could be (I probably have my own sword tucked in my sash somewhere) but princesses come in all stripes. Just know I got your back through thick and thin and possibly a couple of dragon slayings.

I only DNF my school books, so points for that? My bookshelves are stacked higher with mysteries and contemp YA books replete with social commentaries than playful romances. But I’ll read anything, if I have enough time. (Just, um, not my school books?)

I’m co-creator of the #30daysofHumanRightsBPR Book Blog Challenge. I write a weekly feature on this blog called Chooseday Tuesday, where you vote on the book I read and review for the next week. I also write Makeup Fridays, where I explore cruelty-free makeup through tutorials, explanatory blog posts, etc.

I reply to all comments because maybe I do have too much time on my hands? You can find me on Instagram @shaniasquires where I post my Read of the Week and different makeup looks I’m sporting. (As well as a little positivity because who doesn’t need some of that.)

80%Professional Reader