dscn2382My name is Mandy, and I like taking long walks on nonexistent beaches, quoting The Princess Bride at the most inopportune times, gathering all knowledge possible on how to be a princess from my Disney counterparts, and writing creatively. Oh, and, you know, reading.

I really don’t think I’m a Disney princess, but according to Buzzfeed quiz, I technically am 40% princess, so that counts for something, right? You will always find me fangirling over any fairytale retelling along with other genres like gothic, mystery/thrillers, contemporary romance that has some good funnies, and more! These are my top favorite genres, but I tend not to stop the love for all of them in the young adult section.

I’m new to the book blogging and reviewing world, but I
hope to help you as much as other book reviewers have helped me in the past with making book choices. I will try my hardest not to be lame – and if I’ve already lamed you out, I’m sorry in advance!

Check out my Princess Rating System to see just how far my Disney obsession goes and to get a better idea of just how I rate my books!