#POLL: Read-a-Thons, YAY or NAY?

When I started my book blogger career, the thought of a read-a-thon had me quaking in my metaphorical boots (I do all my reading in fuzzy socks, let’s keep it real here). I pictured a timer ticking in the not-so-distant background while I furiously tried to keep up with books and also write coherent reviews.

oh no help GIF by CBeebies HQ

me = feeling the pure panic

As I’ve become more accustomed to the Read and Blog balance, read-a-thons are more and more tempting. My favourites? Bingo boards!

EXAMPLES: #WHMReadingChallenge | #VAlitINES 

Read-a-thons challenge me to dig through my TBR and diversify my monthly reading list. I can see what other readers pick for similar prompts and find new favourites.

At the same time, I can feel the pressure to read, read, read even when I’m overwhelmed. I might see a cool read-a-thon but know in my heart I don’t have time to participate.

So, now I ask. . .



(and for all the YAY voters, this awesome Twitter account compiles all the read-a-thons that run during the month! @ReadAThon_Guide )

Cast your vote in the comments!



36 thoughts on “#POLL: Read-a-Thons, YAY or NAY?

    1. There are many different types of readathons. You can pick and choose which prompts to follow over a month, or do a 24 hour readathon where you try to read as much as you can in a day, etc. Try to find one that works for your schedule, and test it out. They can be really fun!

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  1. YAY for readathons! Although, despite having hosted one myself, I actually haven’t participated in very many. The ones I’ve done, though, have been fun! I also love having that bingo board and goals to check off 😄 And I’m definitely going to be using that readathon guide Twitter as a resource to find more!!

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  2. I always seem to miss the readathons. But when I’m at home or on break at work I do have to set a timer if I’m reading on break or reading in between things at home. It’s silent thankfully. And my Kindle does have a clock at the very top but it’s tiny enough that it doesn’t get in the way.

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  3. Considering the only one I’ve participated in is my own (and I’m currently failing at it), I’m really not sure. I like the idea of them, but life sort of gets in the way.

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  4. I also love bingo boards! And large concept, adventure types as well. I’ve found that I tend to prefer the month-long read-a-thons. I’m more likely to participate and I’m more likely to win.

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  5. I think i’d like them if I ever gave a readathon my full attention. But usually the timing doesn’t work out too well, and so I half-try to create a TBR and then give up on the readathon halfway through when I get too busy. Plus I’m a mood reader, so the more specific the challenges are, the harder it is for me to find a book that meets both the challenge, and my mood.

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    1. I gave up creating TBRs for my readathons a looong time ago, haha. I’m too terrible with them. I usually see which prompt interests me the most at the moment and find a book for it on the spot. The specific prompts do stump me often though… that’s where I have to get creative. I hope you find a good readathon that works for you!


  6. Kind of depends on the readathon. I’m not so keen on the read as many books as you can in a weekend type readathon (I want to take the time and enjoy my reads) but I don’t mind a longer one that’s more like a challenge.

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  7. Tbh, I’ve never been a fan of readathons. I think it focuses a tad too much on quantity than quality, so I’ve generally steered of it myself, although like you say, it does diversify your selections.

    Oh and in terms of pressure, I do think they’re perfectly fine if you feel completely relaxed with your time! But in times of work and stress, they tend to be detrimental imo. 😛

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    1. I will somewhat agree with you about readathons. It depends on how a person approaches them. I like to use the prompts to diversify what I read, and I never aim to read more because I’m doing a readathon. (I don’t think I’ve ever actually “won” one.) But I know for many people if you’re doing a readathon, you need to read ALLL the books/finish the prompts.

      And yes, pressure can be a major factor depending on how much time people have.

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      1. You’re absolutely right, it does depend on the person! I’ve seen people be like, “whatevs, I’ll read what I want” and not care about finishing the prompts, though on the other hand, I have seen others be pressured into finishing those prompts. It depends on what mindset you have going into that readathon (i.e., like you, I would go in to diversify my choices) 😉

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  8. I can’t even stick to a small TBR so committing myself to a read-a-thon will be like promising to climb mount Everest for me. I’m gonna have to pass lol but I’ll gladly help fill in any buddy read requirements hehehe

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