#POLL: How Many Books Do You Read at a Time?

It's simple math. There's an ARC you need to review for next week, a buddy read you promised—promised—you would finish on time, a new release you can't tear your eyes off of and then this book that ... look, it's under 300 pages. It barely even counts.  And voila, you're pulling a balancing act of three … Continue reading #POLL: How Many Books Do You Read at a Time?

#POLL: Book Blogs VS Book Tube 👊

I know asking this question on a blog is a pretty biased way to start off a poll but here I am, asking anyway. Rest assured that none of your answers will be used to, I don't know, redefine the book community as we know it. B O O K   B L O G S Do … Continue reading #POLL: Book Blogs VS Book Tube 👊

#POLL: Book Merch: 👍 or 👎

This is going to horrify some people, I can sense it. But I need to be honest. I need to put my truth out there. I'm laughing so hard at my own joke right now. Unless you follow beauty guru drama, you probably have no clue what I even mean. but so it is here … Continue reading #POLL: Book Merch: 👍 or 👎

#POLL: Book Cover Models, YAY or NAY?

I'll admit it: covers end up playing a huge role in whether I decide to pick up a book or not. Sure, "don't judge a book by its cover" is completely valid. But when you're going through 10+ books a month, the little things (like cover design) do help narrow down what you want to … Continue reading #POLL: Book Cover Models, YAY or NAY?

#POLL: Read-a-Thons, YAY or NAY?

When I started my book blogger career, the thought of a read-a-thon had me quaking in my metaphorical boots (I do all my reading in fuzzy socks, let's keep it real here). I pictured a timer ticking in the not-so-distant background while I furiously tried to keep up with books and also write coherent reviews. … Continue reading #POLL: Read-a-Thons, YAY or NAY?

#POLL: Bookstagram or Book Twitter?

It all comes down to this, y'all. Where do your truest passions lay in the book social media universe? BOOKSTAGRAM? or BOOK TWITTER? BOOKSTAGRAM Pros: 📷 amazing book pics 📷 fun polls, Q&As, book info easily accessible in Insta Stories 📷 creativity: explore filters, colours, set-up 📷 dabble in video making w/out committing to a YouTube TWITTER Pros: … Continue reading #POLL: Bookstagram or Book Twitter?

#POLL: Chapter Titles. Big Yes or Bigger No?

This poll is so straightforwards, I don't even have a preamble. [A] YES TO CHAPTER TITLES. They add an extra hint of the author's flavour to the book. [B] NO TO CHAPTER TITLES. I'm here to read the book. Even if there were chapter titles, I wouldn't notice. [C] IT DEPENDS. Some books benefit from titles. Others … Continue reading #POLL: Chapter Titles. Big Yes or Bigger No?

#POLL: Series VS Standalone? (Books, of Course!)

Sometimes, the question really is that simple. *looks for a trap anyway When it comes to your reading preferences, do you gravitate towards novels that promise *at LEAST* a third before the author releases a finale that'll launch you into a thousand tears ... OR does the sight of "Book 1" on a spine send you running in … Continue reading #POLL: Series VS Standalone? (Books, of Course!)