#POLL: Do You Rate a DNF on Goodreads?

As a reader, it's inevitable that we come across a book we choose to DNF. We may not have liked a particular turn in the story, or we may have chosen the right book at the wrong time. Either way, at the end we're faced with the question: do I rate this unfinished read? A) YES.  … Continue reading #POLL: Do You Rate a DNF on Goodreads?

#POLL: Book Blogs VS Book Tube 👊

I know asking this question on a blog is a pretty biased way to start off a poll but here I am, asking anyway. Rest assured that none of your answers will be used to, I don't know, redefine the book community as we know it. B O O K   B L O G S Do … Continue reading #POLL: Book Blogs VS Book Tube 👊

#POLL: Book Merch: 👍 or 👎

This is going to horrify some people, I can sense it. But I need to be honest. I need to put my truth out there. I'm laughing so hard at my own joke right now. Unless you follow beauty guru drama, you probably have no clue what I even mean. but so it is here … Continue reading #POLL: Book Merch: 👍 or 👎

#POLL: Book Cover Models, YAY or NAY?

I'll admit it: covers end up playing a huge role in whether I decide to pick up a book or not. Sure, "don't judge a book by its cover" is completely valid. But when you're going through 10+ books a month, the little things (like cover design) do help narrow down what you want to … Continue reading #POLL: Book Cover Models, YAY or NAY?

#POLL: Bookstagram or Book Twitter?

It all comes down to this, y'all. Where do your truest passions lay in the book social media universe? BOOKSTAGRAM? or BOOK TWITTER? BOOKSTAGRAM Pros: 📷 amazing book pics 📷 fun polls, Q&As, book info easily accessible in Insta Stories 📷 creativity: explore filters, colours, set-up 📷 dabble in video making w/out committing to a YouTube TWITTER Pros: … Continue reading #POLL: Bookstagram or Book Twitter?

#POLL: Chapter Titles. Big Yes or Bigger No?

This poll is so straightforwards, I don't even have a preamble. [A] YES TO CHAPTER TITLES. They add an extra hint of the author's flavour to the book. [B] NO TO CHAPTER TITLES. I'm here to read the book. Even if there were chapter titles, I wouldn't notice. [C] IT DEPENDS. Some books benefit from titles. Others … Continue reading #POLL: Chapter Titles. Big Yes or Bigger No?

#POLL: Series VS Standalone? (Books, of Course!)

Sometimes, the question really is that simple. *looks for a trap anyway When it comes to your reading preferences, do you gravitate towards novels that promise *at LEAST* a third before the author releases a finale that'll launch you into a thousand tears ... OR does the sight of "Book 1" on a spine send you running in … Continue reading #POLL: Series VS Standalone? (Books, of Course!)

#POLL: How Do YOU Choose What to Read Next?

I need to put this out there right now: Eeny Meeny Miny Moe is never a wrong answer.  We are bookworms. Book lovers. True afficianodos of the written (and spoken) word. And sometimes, we must pick which of our children to love first. Are you ... ready? (Who can ever be ready.) A) ARCs take precedence. They are advance … Continue reading #POLL: How Do YOU Choose What to Read Next?