The Princess Rating System

Hello! You’ve found Mandy’s Princess Rating System!

I’ve decided to introduce a unique rating system that’s Disney perfect and helps describe my thoughts on books! Since I’m a Disney Princess fanatic, I thought, “What better way to describe my book reviews than through the Disney Princesses?” So if I say that a book has a Mulan rating, you’ll know the book has major girl power. This is Book Princess Reviews after all, and this system gives me my own happily ever after by combining two things I love: Disney and books.

At BPR, the Princess Rating System replaces the more traditional points/star rating system. However, Sha and I still use stars on external book review sites (i.e. Goodreads, NetGalley, Amazon, etc.).




Untitled_Artwork (8)


Just like the original Disney Princess movie, I didn’t finish this book. Whether it was a boring story or bad writing, I couldn’t deal and I had to give up. Snow’s high-pitched singing voice = a headache for this Book Princess. Better to quit while I’m ahead!


Untitled_Artwork (13)

Just like when I first watched Brave, I had trouble finishing this book. There were things I couldn’t get past that still bother me. Scenes may have been straight up problematic or made little sense—either way, I’m haunted and lack Merida’s bow ‘n arrow skills to take down this book’s ghost.


Untitled_Artwork (6)


This book was a very bumpy pumpkin carriage ride. For every part I enjoyed, there was a part that I struggled through. At the end, I was left with only one glass slipper, and I’m not quite sure it was worth all the bippity-boppity-boo.


Untitled_Artwork (10)


This book was like a gentle breeze . . . meaning I hardly felt it.  I spend the entire book waiting to see what was around the riverbend, only to realize the river would never end. While I can’t say anything bad about this book, I probably won’t remember it by next week.


Untitled_Artwork (1)


This book was good. It left me feeling right, right in the middle of “great” and “okay”. Let’s just say, it’s a hair shy of a spot in Beast’s library.




I missed the hype train on this book. I might still be piecing together all my thoughts (or the hype killed a bit of my personal excitement) but I know this book has major love in the book community. There is something within the pages that calls the heart to explore a whole new world … I just didn’t click with all those moments.


Untitled_Artwork (7)


Just like Ariel, this book didn’t have the voice to commit me to true love. It was super enjoyable, but the characters kept me from becoming part of its world.


Untitled_Artwork (2)


This book is a white streak shy of perfect! I would gladly go build a snowman for it despite my hatred of cold. A small white streak (like Anna’s hair) of things kept me from buying the UK, US, and sprayed pages editions, like bumpy plotlines.


Untitled_Artwork (11)


This book has the fiercest heroes/heroines. The characters are what make this book. They are the fiercest, most badass standouts – they had me feeling like I was saving China myself.


Untitled_Artwork (4)


The romance in this book is everything. It made me feel the feels, see shooting stars, have major heart eyes, and pray for happily ever afters for everyone. This book is probably full of cliches, but the adorable, cheesy goodness is amazing.

Untitled_Artwork (9)


The setting in this book instantly makes it a favourite. Just like in The Princess and the Frog, the setting plays a big part for my love for this book. After putting it down, I’m ready to sail down the bayou with a trumpet playing alligator and more.


Untitled_Artwork (12)


Just like Sleeping Beauty, our main character isn’t the star of this show. While I’m sure they have more than 18 minutes like poor Aurora, the writing and plot points are as gold as Briar Rose’s hair. The technical aspects of the book make it a favourite for me.



Untitled_Artwork (3)This book is in my holy grail of books – it has me laughing, crying, and feeling so much my Book Princess heart will burst. Everything about it was perfect, and I instantly want to reread it over and over and over again. Characters, setting, adventures—this book had it ALL. I’m pretty sure the book is saying, “You’re welcome to me.”


Untitled_Artwork (5)


Just like my feelings for Elsa, I’m totally lost on how I felt about this book. The book isn’t a clear Ariel or Merida or even a Jasmine—I am most likely just staring at the book, confused on my thoughts and feelings.