My Princess Rating System

Hey everyone!

I’ve decided to introduce a new rating system that is Disney perfect but also help describe my thoughts on books better! Since I am a Disney Princess fanatic, I thought what better way to describe my book reviews (loves, hates, and mehhhh’s) than through the Disney Princesses? So if I say that a book is a Mulan, then you will know my thoughts on it from this rating system. I am Book Princess Reviews after all, and truthfully this is giving me my own happily ever after by combining two things I love.

Man, that makes me sound so lame. Ignore that.

Princess Rating System:

DNF (Did Not Finish): Snow White

  • Just like the original Disney Princess movie, I simply could not finish this book. Whether it’s the boring story, bad writing, or mehhhh everything, I just couldn’t deal and had to give up like when I tried to watch Snow White and couldn’t get past her too high voice.

merida1 Star/Crown: Merida

  • I actually like Merida more than this book, but just like this Disney movie, I just wasn’t feeling this book at all. Somehow, I managed to read (or in Merida’s case, watch) the entire thing, but I just didn’t like it. There were some major problems, I may have hated characters or the plot, and I just will never like this book. A one star may also come from a book that I read in the past that I loved at the time and that’s why I read but further reflection shows the error of my way (I’m looking at you Hush, Hush and the entire House of Night series).

2 Stars/Crowns: Cinderellacinderella

  • I didn’t completely hate it – which is very true of Cinderella. Much like the books that I give two stars, there were items that I very much liked but there were a lotttt of parts that I struggled through (i.e. every single mouse scene…was this Cinderella or Two Dumb Mice?). The writing style is probably what kept me going, but there was a lot of meh in this novel if it got a Cinderella.
  • Side note: 2015 live action Cinderella is soooooo much better. That’s more of a four or five crowns!

3 Stars/Crowns: Pocahontas or Belle

I give out three stars/crowns for two main reasons, which is why there are two princesses.

  •  Pocahontas: I don’t remember much of this book (movie), but I know I liked it. It is probably a story thatpoch I read a long time ago, but I know I enjoyed it. However, much like Pocahontas, I can’t put my thoughts well enough into words because I can’t remember most of it.
  • Belle: I didn’t hate this book, but I didn’t love it. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad. It was just good. Yes, good. The lame descriptor. This is probably due to a lot of issues that the premise, plot, characters, writing style, etc. the book had (I’m looking at you, Stockholm Syndrome for the reason I don’t completely love, Beauty and the Beast).

jasmine3.5 Stars/Crowns: Jasmine

  • It’s a little bit better than good, but I really still don’t know what to make of it. I usually reserve this rating for books that are majorly hyped up and while I still don’t get the buzz surrounding them, I still like them well enough (sorry, Jasmine XD).

4 Stars/Crowns: Arielariel

  • This is a book (and Princess story) that I very much enjoyed. However, there was just something major that was missing from it that really just made me love it. It is a book (or mermaid story) that I so totally enjoy at the time and feel some sort of feels, but either right after or sometime later, I’m left feeling like there was just supposed to be more from it. I may have also had some sort of major problem with it that made me knock down a star (i.e. intense teenage rebellion that made me question my sanity when I agreed with King Triton instead of our main heroine).

anna4.5 Stars/Crown: Anna

  • This book (movie) was soooo close to being perfect, but there was only one big irk or feeling of needing something more that made me push it down half a crown. I still liked everything about it for the most part, but there was just that one thing that had me on the fence about and not deciding to overlook it.

5 Stars: Mulan, Rapunzel, Tiana, and Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

I rate my five stars in a few different ways, so that is why there are four different princesses for this one. Five star/crown books probably have multiple princesses.

  • Mulan: this book was just majorly kickbutt. Whether it was the main chmulanaracter, the
    romance, the plot, the storyline, the overall concept – it had me feeling like I was saving China myself. It also probably has a strong female lead or storyline that had me not even caring about the romance and if hot men needed to appear to help me further the storyline – although Donny Osmond singing would probably be appreciated.
  • rapunzelRapunzel: the romance was everythingggggg. It made me feel the feels, see shooting stars, have major heart eyes, and pray for happily ever afters for everyone. This book is probably full of cliches, but the adorable, cheesy goodness is amazing. It also probably has some major funnies – and hopefully some major frying pan action.
  • Tiana: this book got five stars from me, but it’s not a tianafavorite. I enjoyed it very much and there was sooooo much to like, but it’s just not a favorite for me. (Although this is kind of a lie, since Tiana is a hardcore favorite for me. I just needed a princess for this one, and I had to choose her.)
  • auroraAurora: this is an instant classic for me. It will go down as an all-time favorite and be one of the books I compare all other ones too. This is a very select group of books, and if a book is an Aurora, it will probably also be a Mulan and Rapunzel.moana head
  • Moana: If this book is getting a Moana rating, that means it’s the holy grail of books – it has me laughing, crying, and feeling so much my Book Princess heart will burst. It has a strong, fierce heroine, a crazy thrilling adventure, and some addicting songs…er, maybe not songs but probably some writing? I love everything about this book, and beg it to sing “You’re Welcome” to me daily. I will always love this book to pieces just like I do with Moana, and you will not stop hearing me praise it forever. To get a Moana visit instead of rating, it might involve some epic sea adventure or a splash in some uncharted, thrilling waters.

Bonus Princess: Elsaelsa

  • If a book is an Elsa, then it probably means that it is a special snowflake – and I have no clue what to do with it. It means I may not have understood what I just read or I really just can’t put a rating down, it rattled/confused me that much. This is very rare.

Have any questions/comments? Please let me know and check out more of my reviews to see these ratings in action!