the Stuck at Home book tag

YES we may have 30+ tags sitting in a google doc, screaming our name, but when Malka and Chana tagged us in this one we had to pretend there was no such this as "first in line" and shuffled The Stuck at Home book tag to the front of the line. if you've not visited their … Continue reading the Stuck at Home book tag

Anything but Books! (tag)

Thanks to the lovely Michaela over at JourneyIntoBooks for tagging Mandy and I! Make sure to head over to her blog to not only see how she answered, but browse her blog content. You won't regret it! 💕 There were no rules on Michaela's post and I don't know who the original creator is. I'll … Continue reading Anything but Books! (tag)

BPR Original: Hercules Book Tag

I got back into a Hercules binge a few months ago after a co-worker mentioned how much he loved it. I remembered the days of two of the most epic sassmasters—Megara and Hades—and the absolute bops that were showcased in the film. So, immediately, I wanted to do a book tag that would showcase my … Continue reading BPR Original: Hercules Book Tag

The Sunshine Blogger Award

It looks like the Sunshine Blogger Award is making the rounds again. Could the, um, actual sunshine come out, too? *clears throat politely* Thank you Charlotte, Tyr Carter, Alex, and Siobhan for nominating Mandy and I. Why not spread some sunshine over on their blogs before you check out our answers? Just CTRL+click on each … Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award

The Productivity Book tag

Another day, another tag. I'm thinking this one is super easy, because everyone knows Mandy and I are super productive. Amirite? Yeah? Yes? Thank you, thank you to Rebecca over at BookishlyRebecca for tagging us in this one. Be sure to check out her answers before scrolling on down to our own. RULES Answer the … Continue reading The Productivity Book tag

Would You Rather: Book Edition (tag)

Huge thanks for the lovely Siobhan for tagging us in this one. Be sure to check out her content and see how she chose to respond to these WYR questions. The creator of this tag is unknown. READ ONLY TRILOGIES OR STANDALONES?  MANDY: Standalones! I hate waiting for series - I always forget what happens before the … Continue reading Would You Rather: Book Edition (tag)