Liebster Award Pt. III

One thing I have never gotten tired of in the blog world? Awards and tags. It’s such a fast and fun way to get to know the interesting people behind the book reviews I love to read. Not to mention how fun they are to answer! This time, Mandy and I get to say thanks … Continue reading Liebster Award Pt. III


Books I’ll Probably Never Read Tag

I would love to thank Jenna at Bookmark Your Thoughts for tagging me for this. This is literally such a me tag since there are so many books that I never want to read despite the major major hype. Make sure you go check out Jenna's blog as well since we not only shared a … Continue reading Books I’ll Probably Never Read Tag

International Peace Day Book Tag

Today is International Peace Day, and in honour of such an important observation of collaboration, Mandy and I decided to create a book tag that looks at ideas of peace and friendship within our fave books! Started by the United Nations, the site for Internationapl Peace Day states that “from education to the arts, social … Continue reading International Peace Day Book Tag

Relationshipper Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Jamie over at Bubbly Books for this tag. She created it herself, and it's so brilliant! I'm such a princess of swoons and feels, so I love talking about some brilliant ships. Lately I haven't been feelings the feels, so I was hoping this would bring it back! Make … Continue reading Relationshipper Tag

Would You Rather Book Tag

Sha and Mandy are back in action for a book tag! That's right - no battling over books today, but instead we are taking on would you rather questions. Thank you so much to Paige @ Bookish Paige for tagging us for this fun tag! Make sure you check our Paige's tag for fun tags … Continue reading Would You Rather Book Tag

The Sunshine Blogger Award (ft. Sha and Mandy playing nicely for once)

We would like to thank Amanda over at Literary Weaponry for nominating us for the Sunshine Blogging Award! It’s been such a long time since Book Princess Reviews has done one of these, and we are super excited to do one today - especially since Amanda gave us some great questions. Make sure you check … Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award (ft. Sha and Mandy playing nicely for once)

Disney Princess Hair Tag

I am so super excited today to bring to you a collab between me and the brilliant mastermind, Kyera from Kyera's Library. Not only is she a fantasy wizard and a mythology guru - she's an amazing blogger and reviewer. She is a blogger I know I can fangirl with - usually over the same … Continue reading Disney Princess Hair Tag

The Lady Janies Book Tag

I'm super excited for this tag that I'm bringing to you today. Not only is a tag created by two fantastic bloggers but it's for a series that I enjoy! I have yet to read My Plain Jane, but I loved reading My Lady Jane with its subtle nods to the Princess Bride and funnies. … Continue reading The Lady Janies Book Tag

90s Movies Book Tag

Let's start off with a note from Mandy - and here goes a collective sigh because the note will probably be 20 pages long and have a thesis statement. I've hit's not really a blogging slump, but something like that? I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with some things in my life right now, so … Continue reading 90s Movies Book Tag

The 20 Questions Book Tag (Pt. 2)

I was tagged by Laura @ The Book Corps to do this tag. Laura is such a brilliant blogger who is continuously coming up with fantastic content. She has wonderful reviews, wonderful tags like this, and so much more! She is also so super super nice! Please check out her blog because you are so … Continue reading The 20 Questions Book Tag (Pt. 2)