#POLL: Bookstagram or Book Twitter?

It all comes down to this, y'all. Where do your truest passions lay in the book social media universe? BOOKSTAGRAM? or BOOK TWITTER? BOOKSTAGRAM Pros: 📷 amazing book pics 📷 fun polls, Q&As, book info easily accessible in Insta Stories 📷 creativity: explore filters, colours, set-up 📷 dabble in video making w/out committing to a YouTube TWITTER Pros: … Continue reading #POLL: Bookstagram or Book Twitter?

Questions I Have for Bookstagrammers

If you're in the book blogging world, chances are you've always dived straight into all the book media as well. You are 98.7% likely to have a Goodreads, and yes, you've probably dabbled into Book Twitter. Maybe you are one of the special few that try to tackle BookTube as well and make your mark … Continue reading Questions I Have for Bookstagrammers

#ARCSTRAVAGANZA: When I’m Through With You

#ARCstravaganza is hosted by the wonderful ladies of YA and Wine and The Clever Reader– Krysti and Sarah respectively – where each week, we showcase one of the best perks of being a book blogger – those glorious ARCs – on our blogs, Instagrams, or both! And when you participate? You’ll be entered to win a YA ARC … Continue reading #ARCSTRAVAGANZA: When I’m Through With You