Questions I Have for Bookstagrammers

If you’re in the book blogging world, chances are you’ve always dived straight into all the book media as well. You are 98.7% likely to have a Goodreads, and yes, you’ve probably dabbled into Book Twitter. Maybe you are one of the special few that try to tackle BookTube as well and make your mark with epic videos. And Instagram? Pfft, I believe you mean Bookstagram. It has becoming increasing huge in the book community with rising stars that have more than 10,000 followers, dedicated to just staring at their gorgeous book pictures.

We, at BPR, of course, have a Bookstagram account. It was something that me (Mandy) had for a while, completely forgot about like it was one of her blogging series, and then reignited when Sha came back around. And now I’m in deep. It’s fancy, it’s pretty, I can do all these random little story things that allows me to use little alien stickers to shout about X-Files joy, much to Sha’s lament.

There are so many bookstagram accounts that I’m completely astounded by and awed by. There are others that immediately want to whip out my blanket backdrop and try to be one tenth of their epicness. In the past few months, I’ve been diving in deeper with Bookstagram, and as I have, I’ve found myself asking a lot of questions.

Where are y’all getting your knives/daggers???

Image result for aristocats gifs

Like, everyone has knives and/or daggers? Like, immediately when a high fantasy novel is being featured, you’ll been seeing daggers and knives out too. I mean, I get it. Most of our epic heroines and heroes in fantasy series have one at the ready, but like, am I the only one that doesn’t have one?? Like, I don’t even know where one purchases one?? Do you have it just sitting around, waiting for the opportune time to use it for a TOG or Daughter of the Pirate King image. This is honestly my biggest and most important questions.

How do y’all keep your animals still enough to take a picture?

Image result for aristocats gifs

I’ve seen brilliant images of adorable fluffy animals sitting so nicely and calmly next to a copy of The Unexpected Everything or Stay Sweet. They are SO cute and adorable and I’m feeling the feels, and immediately chase after one of my adorable, fluffy sidekicks…only for them to race under a bed that I can’t fit myself under or growling at me in un-Disney like fashion. I’ve seen some behind the scenes images where the adorable fluffers are misbehaving like taking a little nibble on a book or batting the person or always looking away, but they still somehow get the shot?? I only got one accidental shot on one of my kittens with my books, it wasn’t even that good of a shot, and it’s only because he was starting to fall asleep and he was cold.

Follow up question: how do you manage to keep the fluffers from being center stage of the picture when you wanted to just take a book pic?

Image result for aristocats gifs

The moment I take out the storage containers out from under my bed to take the book pictures, it’s somehow the call of the wild kittens? 1 or 2 kittens will appear out of a dead sleep and NEED to investigate. There is absolutely nothing fun for them, but they simply must check everything out. Sometimes they will extra mess with me and not appear until halfway through the picture taking, right when you have your And I Darken close up with a cute little necklace hanging over the cover to make it all ~fancy~ and you’re right about to go snap snap and then there is a little paw that is sneaking in to go bat bat. Is there a filter for cutting out half a cat’s fluffy tail yet???

Where do you find all the candles, bookmarks, fake flowers, and other Instagram staples of props?

Image result for aristocats gifs

Like, I’m pretty sure it’s official underground Instagram code that bookmarks, candles, and fake flowers are the language of Bookstagram. And I mean, I’m allllllllllllll here for it. I’ve recently been diving in deeper with bookmarks and book candles, because I see them so gorgeously featured on everyone’s feed. And fake flowers? Give me a fake flower Instagram pic, and I’m alllllllllllllllll about the likes. But where do you find them?? How do you know what will be epic. Where do you keep them? How do you choose to be like hmmmm yes, I’mma take this Kell candle and BAM make a genius picture with it just just three books and a wood floor. And more importantly, where do you keep them because I have no room????

(Basically this question is just me asking for recs and excuses to buy one. Please help.)

How do y’all open your book mail one handed?

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I always love love love seeing people get book mail. Like, it’s a thing. I revel in the anticipation of seeing what people are getting in the mail and sharing in the book joy. I’ve noticed that stories are now becoming a place there people are actually opening their mail in real time to share in book receiving time. Obviously, most of us are going to be filming it ourselves, and might not want to be showing our face (I dunno know about you but I’m usually make-up free, hair in a messy bun or the curls from yesterdays’ messy bun that have either limped out or curled a little too hardcore in an outfit covered in cat hair from snuggling a big fluffer when I’m taking pics). So, one-handed is the answer, yet…IT IS REALLY HARD. I can barely type out a instagram comment one handed, so how does one up those really intense Barnes and Noble cardboard boxes without showing the whole Instagram world your address. PLEASE TEACH ME YOUR WAYS.

So, what questions do you have for instagrammers? Are you one – what is it so we can check you out? Can you answer any of these questions for me? Do we have any of the same questions?

If you want to check out our kitten-less, dagger-less feed, check Sha and me out at @bookprincessreviews!


52 thoughts on “Questions I Have for Bookstagrammers

  1. Hahahaha Mandy I am following you on IG and will do my best to answer your questions.

    First the daggers and swords: if you live in the US (I think you do) it will be much easier than for me as you can order on! They have fantastic ones. I could not order there because they are considered as weapons (except in plastic but I wanted something more “real”) and would not have been allowed to ship easily. So my son attended a comic.con and a “made in Asia” fair with all props from fans of TV series (Game of Thrones), movies (Lord of the Rings) etc and had a mission to find the perfect sword. I got Sting from Lord of the Rings.

    If you want crowns you can find them on Amazon or Wish (but Amazon is way better quality)!

    Furry friends. I have a dog featured on some of my pics. I get her to look at the camera talking to her and promising a treat (ears all perked up when she ears the magical word!). She investigates my books first but then lose interest and stay relatively calm.

    The bookish candles. I read the caption of other bookstagrammers when they feature bookish candles. My favorites are Flickerwix (US so not too expensive shipping costs for you) and in the UK I discovered a fantastic shop Bookworm Candles (you can have a look at my latest pics as I feature some of them) and you also have Bookish Burns. You can also buy at Meraki Candles.

    The bookmarks come from some book boxes that I ordered or book bash I attended BUT have a look at and look with keywords like “bookmarks” , “fake flowers” etc. I also adore the fanart by Merwild (on RedBubble a site similar to Etsy) or Charlie Bowater or …LOL

    Now how do I open mail one handed …I don’t LOL I am curious at what the others will say.

    If you have other questions you can always mail me or DN me on IG I’d be happy to help as I love Bookstagrams!

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    1. Oooooooh thank you so much for all of the information, Sophie!! I so so appreciate!!

      AH. That makes so much sense. And omigosh, I didn’t even think about that! Comic cons make sense now.

      Ooooh I need to bring out the treats then!! This is how to get them! I’ve seen your doggo a few times on IG and so cute!

      And ooooooh, okay, I’m for sure going to have to check out those candle cos and the bookmark places!

      And lol I’m like what is the magic to the one handed??? I do not have the talent. Thank you, Sophie, and will do! Yours are always so so amazing!! ❤

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      1. Thank you Mandy and good luck witth the treats LOL! You inspired me to write a post this Sunday on bookstagrams and I send people back to your post here. I add also some more advices LOL

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  2. This was such a great post, haha. I only have one dagger and it’s actually a Game of Thrones letter opener, but it works a lot better for pictures. Also, for getting my animals to stay still… that is completely luck. If I have pictures with them in it, it’s because they crashed my photo shoot and decided to become the star. And my bookstagram is chloetheelvenwarrior if you want to check me out!

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      1. That’s what everyone always tells me any time props come up about Bookstagram. I don’t know why they’re always telling ME though, props and especially flowers really aren’t my thing.

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  3. I too am very confused about the dagger/knife thing. I’ve attempted to find a cheap one off of eBay, but they all cost outrageous amounts of money!! Not good for my wallet!

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  4. I wish I could answer these questions but I can’t because I honestly can’t be bothered with any of that stuff. For me having a lot of props takes away from the books. I like the more simple photos like a book and a bookmark that has colors of the cover in it.

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  5. Lol my cat is a nightmare to take photos with but I’ve learnt the best way is to hover a treat next to the camera and be like you get this if you look this way. I take loads of photos to get a decent one.
    I buy a lot of my bookish candles on etsy or finding them on bookstagram.
    I’ve also found some great props during xmas sales. I don’t actually use flowers but there’s loads of everyday items and decor that could be used as a prop.
    I’m also the same when it comes to daggers. “Wow so pretty where did they get it from?!”

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    1. Ooooh okay, I must bring out the treats!! They all love the treats, so this shall be the gateway to success.

      And oooh okay, I will have to check out Etsy and also Christmas sales! Decor and items would definitely be perfect too.

      AND YES. They just pop up and I’m like, huh. Where did this come from???

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  6. This post is hilarious!

    I’m a bookstagrammer too (@incaseofbookishness) and I have to say, I’m a big fan of fake flowers too! I get all of mine from cheap homestores and £ shops. I’m UK based, so my top finds have been in Wilkos, Poundland and a lot of charity shops have them too. Charity shops usually are great for cute props like teapots and tea cups too. As for daggers and the like, I’d love to have them but they’re impossible to get here because of weapon laws, understandably. I have a drawer under my bed which is dedicated to holding my flowers and props! Christmas is a great time to get little extras like pine cones and bundles of wooden sticks etc, if your photos lend themselves to those kinds of things. Bookish candles are also a top pick, some of my fave stores are Polywax Potions (I’m a rep and have a discount code to use!) HappyPiranha,, BookandNook Shop and FlickTheWick.

    And you’re not alone in the furry friends dilemma… my cat is super fat and lazy, but as soon as the books come out, he feels the need to bat them all out of the way, totally destroy my setup, and then just flop in the middle of where I was trying to take a photo…

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    1. Thank you!! Ooooh, I didn’t even think about charity shops, but that is such a good idea. They have such an intriguing collection of items that would be perfect to pick up something unique. And omigosh, yes, the drawer sounds so perfect, too! And omg, that is perfecttttt about the Christmas based items. And I’m totally adding these candle places to check out over the weekend. I hadn’t heard of the first three, and they sound super cool.

      Ahahaha YES. My kitties are the same and could be in a dead sleep but they just knowwwwwww. It’s like yes, adorable, but nooooooooo.

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  7. This post probably made me laugh harder than it was supposed to. :’)

    I.. attempted Bookstagram? I still have my account but I haven’t posted anything on it for MONTHS now. The occasional story, sure. But that’s it. I simply don’t have the time / energy / creativity to.. post pictures on a regular basis? Not to mention I often hate my pictures so I end up not even posting them after messing around for HOURS and still not getting it right. [I might be a bit too perfectionist-ish for Bookstagram or something..]

    As for all the props.. I sometimes see things on Wish that seem nice to use in Bookstagram-pictures? Probably some Carnaval-themed stores or something as well. Or.. Etsy? I think that’s where you can buy a ton of stuff as well, but whether it’s cheap? [Probably NOT.]

    I honestly wish I could take all the pretty pictures but I think I’ll stick around with drooling over others’ since that’s.. easier and less frustrating. :’)

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    1. Ahahaha I’m so glad, Kathy! I was trying to bring some funnies.

      Omigosh, yessssssss. There is just so so so much time and energy and creativity that goes into and just for one picture!! I praise people that can do the really intense ones, because I’m with you about the perfectionist coming out.

      Ooooh okay perfect! I will totally have to check them out. I hadn’t really heard of Wish before this post, so I will totally check them out (and then probs cry over prices).

      And omg, yessssssssss.

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      1. Exactly! The one Bookstagrammer I always think of when talking about the most energy-consuming pictures is probably Xenatine. Those pictures are OUT OF THIS WORLD but.. seriously. I just cannot.

        Ooh, Wish is SO cheap for most people – I hope it’ll be for you as well!

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      2. Ooooh I haven’t seen her work. I shall have to check it out! I always cry a bit when I see people doing Photoshop too because these poor peeps not only have to spend all the time setting up the picture and then all the time Photoshop consumes.

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      3. Please do!
        Ugh, I can’t even imagine doing THAT. It’s even more time-consuming and energy-consuming than simply trying to take one perfect picture. Don’t think I’d have the patience for it. :’) Actually, I’m sure I don’t, hah.


  8. I have never tried opening book mail one handed, but as for not flashing your address, you could put a sticker over it or use a sharpie to black it out, before you start your video. That way you don’t have to worry about it accidentally showing? And I bought fake flowers from walmart and they were only a few dollars. Tho I only got to use them once before my dogs ate them. Needless to say it is SUPER hard to get my animals to pose. I don’t even try, but if they are interfering on their own I take about a million pics trying to get one where they look cute haha.

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    1. Ooooh that’s a really good idea. One handed is just far too hard to deal with. And ooooh that is great to know! I will definitely have to check it out – and oh no!! Yes, the doggos definitely get in fast, and I’ll have to snap some pictures fastttttt.

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  9. Aah this made me giggle! I started bookstagramming long before I made a blog and I had a lot of the same questions 😀 To this day, I haven’t managed to find myself a dagger.

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  10. THE KNIFE QUESTION HAUNTS ME!!!!!!!!!! Like where is it legal to buy a dagger (I mean they are super pretty) BUT STILL. SHARP. WEAPON!!
    I can’t say I relate about the animal questions…seeing as have no pets, but I do love seeing them in photos!!
    As for the props!! I have one single prop and it is a jar of paper flowers my sister made one summer. Plus whatever seasonal decorations my mom has lying around the house. Other than that I got nothing XD I just use more books as props, although I do notice that my photos with the flowers get more likes…interesting!
    Mandy, this was such a great post! As a not so profesh bookstagrammer myself I have had many of the same questions!

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    1. Ahahaha they just be finding them out there!!
      Oooooh the paper flowers have been explained!! I always wondered. They are quite the beauty. Oooh I might need to steal the decor tooooooo. And that is intriguing to know. Huh.
      Thankies, Rendz!! I had to go on the hunt for us for questions!!

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