The Villains Read: Jafar

Wait, do your eyes deceive you? Has this tragically forgotten book blogging series returned? Yes, this book princess has totally neglected this series for, like, ever. I was doing so good at it, but then I lost my Disney mojo and I was lost in a sea of "I'll get back to it next week" … Continue reading The Villains Read: Jafar

The Villains Read: Captain Hook

I'm on a roll, so let's just see how long we can keep this going. Fingers crossed for Mandy???? Captain Hook! Captain Hook has always been an interesting villain for me. I never really took him too seriously, and I feel like I never really trusted his murderous intentions to be...actually murderous? And maybe that's … Continue reading The Villains Read: Captain Hook

The Villains Read: Ursula

Two weeks in a row of villains and Mandy being on top of her book stuff? Call me impressed...with myself...which sounds very conceited so I'm going to stop myself. Let's just see who we are tackling this week? Ursula! Ursula is one of the most beloved Disney villains out there, and you can see why. … Continue reading The Villains Read: Ursula

The Villains Read: Gaston

Look at me! Another Princesses Read??? Yes, that is right! Mandy is back at it, and we're going to try the every other Saturday thing until I get more bursts of inspiration. I figured I would tackle something new...I was going to go with another Princes's Read, and Prince Adam was giving me the side … Continue reading The Villains Read: Gaston

The Princesses Read: Maleficent

The Princesses are back! Or really...the villains/princes/Disney heroines?? I keep trying to debate whether or not to keep The Princesses Read title to keep it continuing or if I need to change it up with The Villains Read. I don't want any confusion, so we'll keep The Princesses Read for now? I think?? XD Each … Continue reading The Princesses Read: Maleficent