The Villains Read: Gaston

Look at me! Another Princesses Read??? Yes, that is right! Mandy is back at it, and we're going to try the every other Saturday thing until I get more bursts of inspiration. I figured I would tackle something new...I was going to go with another Princes's Read, and Prince Adam was giving me the side … Continue reading The Villains Read: Gaston

The Princesses Read: Maleficent

The Princesses are back! Or really...the villains/princes/Disney heroines?? I keep trying to debate whether or not to keep The Princesses Read title to keep it continuing or if I need to change it up with The Villains Read. I don't want any confusion, so we'll keep The Princesses Read for now? I think?? XD Each … Continue reading The Princesses Read: Maleficent