Ways You Tell You’re In a Blogging Slump

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You might have noticed that Mandy’s been a bit quiet lately on the blogging scene. No regular blog hopping, no answering comments in a timely manner, disappearing from certain social media platforms…Mandy has ghosted a bit, and that’s because the dreaded blogging slump has occurred.

In the past, I can see a blogging slump coming like a speeding train, and I can usually prepare myself for it. I take book life saving measures. I focus on my reading, I focus on not pushing myself, I seek out inspiration, etc. I do what needs to be blogging done. However, sometimes blogging slumps catch up on you until next thing you know, you’re writing a post about ways to figure out you’re in a blogging slump, because, you, Book Princess Mandy, are clearly in one. So, um, shall we go through the ways that Mandy discovered she was in a blogging slump, since hers failed to send her a big splashy, neon lighted sign that she was in one?

You aimlessly stare at Twitter


That’s right – just stare. You don’t actually do anything on Twitter. You just stare at it. You might scroll a bit. And look at others living their best book lives. And then once you start scrolling, you can’t stop scrolling and then you’re scrolling forever to try and find the book answers that you don’t even know the questions too????

Um, sign 2 should probably be never making sense again since does that paragraph even make 1% sense?

But seriously, Twitter usually has me lost in a sea of posts upon posts, but something about being in a slump has me staring at it with a newfound of excitement and like I must desperately scroll since it can fit with the zero attention span that I have now implemented in my blogging slump life.

Goodreads seems to be the answer to life

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Have you ever fell into a Goodreads void? You know, the void where you’re in so deep that you’re legit looking at books coming out in 2021 that are literally all filled up with “Unknown Leigh Bardugo” and you’re like, “BUT OMG, THAT SOUNDS SO GOOD” AND NOW I MUST ADD THIS TO ALL OF MY SHELVES. Idk, I’ve sunken into a few Goodreads voids, and most of them have been when I’ve been in a reading slump. I just read a bunch of summaries of books and it’s like I’m actually reading???

However, when the blogging slump comes around, it’s all Goodreads, all the time. But I mean, I don’t actually, like, write reviews because that just be against the whole premise of a blogging slump. However, I just sit there…staring again (because this is clearly a major thing in blogging slumps), thinking of all the books I could be reading with the blogging I’m not reading and then looking at everyone reading books that you’re not reading because even with all the time you’re not blogging, do you think you’re actually reading??? Well, I mean, I kind of was, but still. SHHHHH, stop ruining your own ways, Mandy. Get it together.

Actual Reading

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Book blogging and reading requires a weird little balance that sometimes can teeter way too far on one side – but you have to have both. Sometimes you’re all blogging and no reading, because you decide to binge create 15 posts in one night. Or sometimes you’re too busy binge reading a book for 3 days and next thing you know you have 3 days of comments piling up and you don’t remember how to talk to actual computer human beings.

Alas, when I found myself desperate to go home and read a graphic novel about gaming that you know 200% nothing about, well, um, you realize you might be a little over your head in the blogging slump game, because WHY, ME, WHY.

But Mostly TV

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Because TV is yet another way to lose yourself into another world except this one has moving pictures. Lots of moving pictures. And talking. THINGS TALK TO YOU. Or talk to other people, but it’s like talking to you because your ears hear it.

Omg, I’m so tired. I think this needs to be the last stage, because I’m clearly losing it.

I used to be in SO deep with TV. I loved diving into new worlds and new places and new stories and new people. It was the best way to escape. Until I realized books brought that enjoyment and life and creativity in so many new ways. So I got rid of a ton of the shows I used to watch to focus on diving into my books. So when I find myself glued to the TV and not doing anything else? Yeah, no, blogging slump has fully happened because I always blog and watch TV at the same time, so I’m in deep.

But alas! There is always an end in sight for blogging slumps, and I mean, I just made a post about blogging slumps, so I might be getting out of one. Yay team?

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What do you think? What are some signs/ways that you see yourself in a blogging slumps? When was the last time that you found yourself in one? Let’s discuss in the comments below!


38 thoughts on “Ways You Tell You’re In a Blogging Slump

  1. Pretty sure I am in one too because I have barely posted anything this month and have zero motivation to sit down and write a post despite having loads of books that need reviews 😂😂🤦‍♀️

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  2. Ah, yes, the Goodreads void. It happens usually when I am avoiding writing a review, but it’s a place I find comfort in. I was so sad when they blocked it at my job, because when it’s slow, I loved going on there, cleaning up my shelves, entering giveaways, etc. –sigh– I wish the app was better.

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    1. The Goodreads void is so bad and fathomless. But YES. I do the same with that as well. I And oh NO. That definitely would be a perfect time to do it. And the app really is not good. 😛


  3. I don’t think I’m in a blogging slump just yet but I haven’t written many new posts recently. I’m stuck at the minute trying to balance blogging, reading, and doing some writing of my own. Sorting through the latter is taking up a lot of time and often when I come to write a blog post, I can only do one and it takes me a while because I keep getting distracted by my writing.

    I think the last time I found myself in a blogging slump, I just had to let it run its course and not worry about it. As blogging is simply a hobby for me, I found it easy to just to break away from it for a while and do a bit of long-overdue self care before falling back into it.

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    1. Oh gosh, I can imagine! I totally can imagine that is a lot to juggle. I find blogging and reading enough of a juggle but to add in writing? Definitely an interesting combo, but also sounds like a fun one.

      And yes! That seemed to hit quite a bit. I put a lot less pressure on myself to get out of it, and I’m finding it easier.

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      1. Yeah it is fun, but the project has been driving me mad as well, to the extent that I don’t think it’s the right one to be writing at the minute. Hopefully now I’ve decided to work on an easier one, it will certainly be more fun!

        I’m glad about that. There’s nothing worse than getting deeper into a hole and realising there’s no light and ladder to help you out of it.

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  4. I find Goodreads interactions pointless haha like nobody replies and I think that is because of the lack of proper notifications. Twitter… hmmm twitter is so weird… and I feel so invisible there XD like I tweet and all but just 1 person replies or favs (thank you that one person <3) and I find so many boring things everywhere… I guess I am in a slump XD

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      1. I should get you on Twitter… At least I will be your fan there xD yes, it does not make sense to comment there I keep track of you reading and that is it xD I am happy to know that is not only me who feels invisible there xD

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  5. For me it gets really hard to generate new ideas, and I cope with this by just ignoring it until it goes away. I usually have enough posts scheduled that I can get away with this, but there have been a few times that I’ve *gasp* missed a post!

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  6. I completely get the whole staring thing…I know i’m in a blogging slump when i get like, a small idea for a post, go to writer to write it down then just end up staring at the title for like ten minutes without actually writing anything, then i give up and the title gets left in my drafts! This is happening a little at the moment but i’m hoping its just because i have recently started my summer holidays so all of my tiredness is finally hitting me! Hope you get out of your blogging slump soon!! 🤞🏻🤞🏻

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    1. Omigosh yesssssssssssssssssssss. That is so accurate. I have done this so much lately. And oh yes, that could be it! I’m sure all the stress and work you did through the year is finally catching up to you. Hope you do too!! 🙂

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  7. Hahaha I can’t relate to the staring thing personally (my brain is strangely more hyperactive and interested in other things when I’m in a blogging slump) but I do feel you on the increased reading and TV; I feel like these things occupy the same energy (or creativity) it takes to write and blog stuff, so there needs to be a balance as you say.

    I hope you get over this slump (they can be SUCH a pain) and cheers to you conquering it!

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    1. Lol awh, I’m kind of jealous with that. The staring game is way too real. But YES. I can totally see that. makes perfect sense why I’m so dedicated into that when I’m not blogging.

      And thank you! I’m trying to push myself out slowly but surely! ❤

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  8. I’ve never /actually/ been in a blogging slump, but I have been very close to it. I was ready to drop everything and take a long vacation, which means I’d procrastinate and stare at Twitter all day (oops haha). Unfortunately, college got in the way and I really had to step back ): It was a good thing in the end, though: now I’m excited to come back to blogging. Maybe some time out is what we need?? :/

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    1. Oooooooh, yes! I think having that break totally does make you more excited and thrilled to get back to it. Terrible that college took you out of the blogging game, but it least has you ready to get back to it! But yes!

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  9. YES TO ALL OF THIS. I hit blogging slumps all the time, I just never have a good posting schedule so people can never really tell! XD But I relate so hard to this post, Mandy!!! Especially the TV thing! And the Goodreads void! I’ve been down those roads too too often! I know I’ve hit a slump as soon as I open a new draft and just have zero motivation. Just nothing. No inspiration or anything. Slumps suck, but sometimes you just need to take a break right?

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    1. Ahahahaha oh no! They are the worst. And yesssssssssss they are both perfect answers to the blogging slump. 😉 But so agreed. The staring at the draft is the biggest sign out there. But breaks can be nice as well! And productive!

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  10. Blogging slumps SUCK. Honestly, I sometimes feel like they suck even more than reading slumps do? Could be me though.

    Whenever I’m falling into one, I notice the dreaded slumpness in my notifications first. I can scroll and scroll and scroll through unread and unanswered notifications / comments for ages because I simply cannot be bothered to actually read and answer them.
    Then I start having random ideas for posts, or start writing reviews and all of a sudden there’s a hundred drafts! But NONE of them are finished. Not even CLOSE to being finished. At all.
    Oh, and then there’s the moment where I open my browser, open all the sites I always visit and somehow did NOT open WordPress because I can’t be bothered.

    When that third step occurs, I know I’m in deep, deep.. shit. :’)

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    1. I AGREE, KATHY. With reading slumps, I usually know how to get myself out or know there is an end in sight. And with blogging slumps, if you miss one day, you’re already behind.

      Oh nooooooo. I have the hundreds draft thing happening right before. THAT WAS A SIGN I SO MISSED. I should have talked with you before or I would have gotten it, lol. But yikes, SO yes. XD

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      1. Yuuup. And look-ie here. I’m behind OVER A WEEK AND I AM FREAKING OUT. Life is drowning me. Seriously. :’)

        Hahahaha; the drafts are the biggest exclamation mark when it comes to my slumps. I can’t seem to get the darn number down either so that’s equally dangerous!

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