April Book Haul

Remember my April book ban? Yeah, well, apparently I didn’t either. It was a great time. And I honestly almost made it the whole month before I bought any lovely books and then things went kaplat when I saw a book sale (where there was a cool amount of old ARCs), and I had to buy presents on Book Outlet (with a few for myself of course). So, I picked up a total of five books for relatively cheap prices, so I mean, sort of yay?


Here’s what I picked up in April:

Credits to Simon Pulse

Blackhearts by Nicole Castroman

Erm, I have a new thing for pirates. Give me a pirates story, and this Book Princess will apparently be very happy – who knew? It’s totally not a thing in Disney (update: I have now remember it is TOTALLY a thing in Disney – I’m looking at you, Once Upon a Time specifically). Anyway, I saw this book making the rounds on the blogs and after some of my most trusted bloggers talked about their love of it, I had to pick it up. I did find out it is an origin story and not about pirates quite yet, but there is some swoony romance so I mean, yay.

The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West

the fill in boyfriend
Credits to HarperTeen

Oh sigh, I literally can already feel the swoons now. My Contemporary Kasie West spiral is still going very, very strong, and this book will be the second to the last book to complete it. It looks sooooooooo adorable, and I’ve seen a lot of good reviews from it in the past few weeks from the community. It also looks ridiculously tropey and fluffy – and we all know I’m all about that. XD I literally can’t wait to dive into this later on in the month because I need some fake boyfriends and feels!

suffer love
Credits to HMH Teen

Suffer Love by Ashley Herring Blake

I’ve wanted to read this book for quiteeeeee a while now, and somehow an ARC of this was stuffed in one of the hidden spots in a book sale. Of course I might have eagerly and nicely shoved my hand in a few people’s business to unload this book – because clearly they don’t want to read it because I DO. It seems like an adorable little contemporary – but I have heard that it packs a huge emotional punch and there is a CRAZY plot twist in the middle of the book. A contemporary with a plot twist? Um, sign me up!

Interference by Kay Honeyman

Credits to Arthur A. Levine Books

I had put this on my Goodreads TBR a while ago, but all I could remember is that it looked like a cute little contemporary and it supposedly had some kind of ties back to Jane Austen and was a retelling of the classic. Fun fact: I was actually right, so my memory does have some sort of skill. It’s a Friday Night Lights meets Emma by Jane Austen, so I mean, since I have never read or seen either of these, I clearly needed it. XD It was cheap and an old ARC and I knew the title so I was like YOU MUST GO HOME WITH ME. It does seem to have potential for cuteness, though!

the white road of the moon
Credits to Knopf Books

The White Road of the Moon by Rachel Neumeir

I literally know nothing about this book, but I was sold by the pretty cover and I saw the word ghost in the summary. GHOSTS. I love me some ghost novels even though they freak the heck out of me. But it seems cool and has some apprenticeship type things and…nope, still have no clue. Let’s all gaze at the pretty cover now so I feel less awkward.

Now, May has become, and I’m worried, gals and guys. There are SO MANY amazing books coming out in May, and I already have 4 pre-ordered of them. But I know I want to read soooooooo many more. Oh, this is going to be dangerous. Next month’s book haul will definitely be interesting.

So, what books did you pick up this month? Did you do better or worst than me? What keeps you staying on your book ban? Let’s discuss in the comments below!


42 thoughts on “April Book Haul

  1. Oh my goodness, I am so so bad when it comes to buying books. My household keeps yelling at me because I come home with more books and stack them everywhere. My pile of books fell on one of my children and then they banned together to bring them upstairs into my room to protect themselves.

    I have never kept track of them by month, but I will do that for May. So far, I have picked up two physical books and two e-books (and it is only the 2nd today). I don’t see this going well.

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    1. Ahahahaha oh no! XD I didn’t realize books could be so mean, but I know what you mean about the stacks. D: But it’s just so much fun. D:
      LOL, it either gets really interesting or really depressing when you start keeping track. But ooooh, hopefully they were some good ones, but yeah, May seems like a hard month. XD

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      1. I am not even trying to mess with May. There are way to many things I have pre-ordered coming in these first two weeks (I cannot wait to get home and collect my ACOWAR). I’ll try to self-control in June. Or July.

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  2. I’ve seen soooo many people mentioning that they were on a book ban this month – but each and every one of them caved and bought books by the end of April! Me included! 😀 And May is bringing us so many new releases, I can hear my bank account crying out already!

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    1. Ahahaha ik! I was doing soooo well until that last week. XD And then it just went so downhill, Jackie. XD It was bad. But ik. o.o I already have four May books on preorder and I’m just like, Mandy, you need moreeeeeee. I wish us both luck, Jackie. XD

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      1. Definitely When Dimple Met Rishi and Flame in the Mist! And then there’s a few others but I don’t want to order ALL of them right away – well, I want to but I SHOULDN’T – so I’m still deciding! I’ve heard great things about How To Make a Wish, Ramona Blue, Noteworthy, The Love Interest… I just can’t choose! What about you? 😄

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      2. Lol ooooooh those sound like perfect pre-orders. But I know what you meannnnn. Those are all great sounding ones as well. I’m in debate about The Seafarer’s Kiss, Girl Out of Water, The Flame in The Mist (literally there should not even be a debate but it’s a little more expensive than normal and my butt is just like oh sigh. XD) And The Love Interest. And I feel like there is a lot I’m forgetting. XD TOO MANY. Why, Jackie, why? XD

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      3. Ahh, how could I forget The Seafarer’s Kiss! And I KNOW, I need a masterlist of all the new May book releases because I feel like I’ve missed some important ones! Oh jeez, I wish I could answer that, dearest Mandy 😀 The struggles of a book nerd :’)

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      4. I agree! I’m not sure if you follow A.V. Geiger (I believe that’s how you spell her name – she’s the author of Follow Me Back) on Twitter, but she makes these lists every month that breaks down the releases by day they’re coming out and it’s so inviting to look at the little pretty covers and want to get one each month. But it’s so true. XD

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      1. Ahahaha it really is! XD I used to be so good, Krysti. I really did. But now it’s accidental hauls all the time. Hey, how did the bookshelves work out? I remember you said that you were getting new ones.

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      2. Ahahahahaha, oh, Krysti, you didn’t tell me there were two sagas going on: the Netgalley rating and the bookcase issue. But I totally know what you mean about accumulating. o.o It’s amazing how fast it is all happening. Are they in glorious piles for now? XD

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      3. Hahaha! The saga of my book life. I could totally start a super boring reality show. They are in a massive pile for the most part right now. The content is glorious, but the display is currently a hot mess! How do you keep yours all shelved?

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      4. Ahahahaha, but it could be very entertaining. YA, Wine, and Netgalley? And lol, I can imagine. You could make it into a book throne, though? Maybe? And well, that’s a good question. XD I have two shelves on my desk that get crammed with them and the rest are in three massively long tubs that chill under my bed. XD Which I’m SUPER running out of room for and my cat hates me for. XD

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      5. YA and Wine vs Netgalley. That sounds like fun. LOL. Oooh, a book throne. There’s a fun suggestion. Tubs are a good idea! I may need to do that until we finish our remodel project.

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      6. LOL, it really does. XD I saw someone made it on Twitter, I think, and it really was a useful way to use books. XD But yes! I got mine from Target for relatively cheap and they fit a good amount.

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  3. Well, you did pretty well with your book ban and I mean, five cheap books by the end of the month is okay! You did your best XD
    I really hope you enjoy Blackhearts! I liked it a lot more than the sequel (so far) so let’s see.
    All of these sound soooo cute! And sometimes I’m in the mood for fluffy and tropey so, you know, perfect XD
    If you like ghost stories, you might enjoy Meg Cabot’s Mediator series. It’s honestly super adorable and has a great, sassy main character and, of course, ghosts! Basically, our protagonist can see and talk to them. She’s the “mediator” that helps them cross over. And *dun dun dun dun* it has romance in it! I don’t want to spoil it for you, but yeah, I think you would like it. It’s also super humorous and funny. It’s been a few years since I’ve read it so my opinion might have changed since then, but still.

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    1. Why thankies, Sophie. XD I did feel a little bit of guilt, but as you said, cheap and only five is pretty good. 😉
      And lol, yes, I’m super excited to get started on it. And oh dear. o.o That doesn’t sound good. Did the pirates ever appear yet??
      And ooooooh I’m so going to have to check it out. I wanted to read it forever ago, but I always forgot about it. I totally forgot it was with ghosts, so I totally need to do it. Thanks so much for the rec, Sophie!


  4. Pirates has definitely become a thing and I dig it! I cannot wait to see what kind of reviews you’ll be giving these books! And pish-posh to the book buying ban! I’m done with mine and ready to splurge soon!

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    1. I concur! (Does that make me sound like a pirate? I feel like it was very piratey. No? XD) But I just want lots and lots of pirates now. But ahhhhhhhh yayyyyyyy! I CAN’T wait to see what you choose. *eagerly waiting in anticipation BECAUSE I JUST WANT TO SEE ALL RENDZ’S PRETTY BOOKS*

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      1. Hehehehehe, YES. What is a pirate’s favorite letter? ARGH. It’s so stupid, but it sums up you literally can just put ARGH in anything and it will apparently be all piratey. Hehehehehe. Yes. Me too. Hopefully there will be more in 2018.

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