Yallfest 2018 Book Haul

So, this girl couldn't go to a book festival and not pick up a fewwwwwwwwwwwwww books. And by a few, I mean, I could have probably picked up an entire suitcase with the books, but I was told this wasn't a thing and I needed to pack this thing called, clothes? Hmmm sounds sketch, but … Continue reading Yallfest 2018 Book Haul

July Book Haul Pt. 2

July was a blessed book month. All of the book gods have shown upon dear Mandy, and I thank everything and everyone involved. If you missed first one and you're somehow into book hauls as much as I am, you can find it here! And as usual, because I'm extra, please enjoy my titled book … Continue reading July Book Haul Pt. 2

July Book Haul Pt. 1

Well, July was my birthday month, so, thankfully I managed to scoop up more books than normal. IN FACT, I LITERALLY HAVE TO DO TWO BECAUSE I GOT SO MANY. I have been doing so well with not buying many books thanks to the fact that I have rediscovered the library and been blessed with … Continue reading July Book Haul Pt. 1

What does Mandy have on preorder?

I feel like I should have a lot more on pre-order but the truth is, it's getting really hard to tell what I'm going to want to read or not. I've been so much picky lately with my books since I got burned quite a bit with other pre-orders, but lately, I've been finding some … Continue reading What does Mandy have on preorder?

February Wrap-Up / March TBR

February was oddly one of the best reading months that I've had in, like, ever? I read so many four and five crown reads that even Goodreads was, like, girl, I'm impressed so I'm going to make your dismal average rating on here a .01 better. Round of applause, everyone? I read a total of … Continue reading February Wrap-Up / March TBR

November Book Haul (well, so far?)

It has been such a long time since I've done a book haul, but I'm super pumped about the books that I picked up recently - so I figured I would do a little mini book haul. Thanks to finding some great deals, which finally allowed my credit card to allow ME to buy some … Continue reading November Book Haul (well, so far?)

May Book Haul

Whewwwwwwwww...I may have had a tiny splurge in book buying this month. And none of it was the books that I planned on getting. But isn't that how book buying tends to be? Just full of mysteries and fun? Anyway, I discovered a thrift book website, and as a gift from a lovely family member, … Continue reading May Book Haul

Mid-Month Book Haul

I never said May was going to be easy for me and books. I really didn't. And I knew it wouldn't be, because I mean, have you seen all the amazing books that came out this month. And I'm actually doing so much better than first thought. I'm serious! I totally thought I would have … Continue reading Mid-Month Book Haul