March Wrap-Up & April TBR

I don't even know where to begin with the month that was March, so let's usher in April here! 📌 fairy godmother's blessing: I read a lot more books than previous months, so there is hope I can get back reading skills! 📌 fairy godmother's blessing: Sha has returned to the blog! Like a child sticking … Continue reading March Wrap-Up & April TBR

April Wrap-up & May TBR

April was a weird month, but like, I'm not sure that I'm ready for May, so I'mma just sit here quietly and bask in the weird spring months that I'm having. Shall we get into the recap? I read 11 books this month, and they are: Books Read ✔️ The Girl Who Drank the Moon by … Continue reading April Wrap-up & May TBR

April Book Haul

Remember my April book ban? Yeah, well, apparently I didn't either. It was a great time. And I honestly almost made it the whole month before I bought any lovely books and then things went kaplat when I saw a book sale (where there was a cool amount of old ARCs), and I had to … Continue reading April Book Haul

Calendar Girls: Best High Fantasy

Well, another month has gone by, and I seriously don't know where it has gone. Do you think I misplaced it somewhere? But since March has left us, it's time for Calendar Girls to be back in action, and I'm super excited to bring you a new one...even though I realize just how unprepared I … Continue reading Calendar Girls: Best High Fantasy

March Wrap-up / April TBR

So, you can say I had a good March book month, but I didn't realize I did? Perhaps it was book denial that I managed to devour 16 books in March - almost none of them having been on my March TBR. Bad Book Princess, but the books that I totally deviated from ended up … Continue reading March Wrap-up / April TBR