Never Ever by Sara Saedi

peter-panNever Ever by Sara Saedi

Let’s take a trip to Neverland…oops, I probably mean DNF-land, because that’s where I ended up with this one.

DNF @ 42%

The story focuses on a reimagined Darling family. Wylie’s brother is going off to jail, so the night before, she decides to have a little going away party for him that is also for her birthday. At the party, she meets Phinn and, well, because he’s hot and she is a young adult heroine, she, of course, goes off with him. While they’re chilling at Mickey D’s, he tries to pass her something questionable – a drug that will make her high as a kite. But, no, literally, it will make her fly. And it does, magically! Are we surprised? No? Okay. Anyway, hottie Phinn, Wylie, and the two bros ended up a boat at the end of the night, drift off to Minor Island, and are welcomed to a land where you never have to grow up. Sounds like a dream…but is it a nightmare?

Well, I certainly didn’t stick around to find out.

                           A DNF Snow White for me.

There was nothing really wrong with this book. The writing style was nice, the world building was nicely done, and I felt the characters were each unique and different. However, I fundamentally disagreed with the main character’s choices and principles. I did not agree with her choice referring to Minor Island and I thought she continued to make somewhat stupid decisions in my personal opinion. Perhaps it was because I’m getting too old for the “I’m never growing up” mentality. Eeks. Hopefully that doesn’t mean I’m growing out of the YA genre – although, it probably means that my immortality-youth gene is dying out. Ut oh.

The reimagining of Neverland and its cast of characters was one of the most original I have seen so far, but I just couldn’t get myself to continue when I disagreed with everything Wylie did. Sara Saedi does have talent as a writer, and I believe this book will appeal to a lot of people.

Side note: I could never get behind being intimated by a guy named Hooper (the new Hook). That could have been another reason it just didn’t click for me. I literally rolled my eyes every time I saw that because I mean, really? How can I be scared of the big bad Hooper?

Check it out:

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