Those We Fear by Victoria Griffith

Those We Fear by Victoria Griffith

I’ve been dying for a good, gothic ghostie story for a while now, and man, did this deliver. It gave me Rebecca feels – probably because it was mentioned quite often, but still, it brought the feels overall. And that ending was so a reminder of it, I loved it.

The atmosphere was lush and dark, and I loved how Victoria Griffith had me questioning to the end. Was the ghost real? Was there a ghost? Is this all a DREAM?? Well, no, it didn’t have me thinking that, but the general feeling of the book was very dream-like, and I couldn’t figure out just where the story was going to end up – in the lake, the gutter, who knew?

I liked Maria well enough as a main character, and I felt the storyline moved along nicely without any filler just added in. It was haunting yet never bordered too much into terror. It didn’t creep me out as much as I expected it to, though.

The only complaints I had was that I felt the romance was a bit too contrived. I never thought much of Maria and Jonathan together and when they got together, I kind of felt like going, really? I didn’t see it at all. I also felt that the descriptions were really real in the beginning. The scenery was quite dark and atmospheric itself and then there would be a weird descriptor like the mist fondling the earth and I would stop and chuckle, completely dragged out of the mood.The author got far better as the story continued and I was dragged into a haunting and compelling setting.

This story was quite interesting, though, and it was such an easy read. It filled my craving for gothic ghostie stories, and I definitely loved the suspense that Griffith created. I felt it missed a little something, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Solid 4 out of 5 stars from this Book Princess!


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