First Post – Welcome you and you and you

Welcome to my blog!


If you’re reading this and this is around the time that this is originally posted, I’m still just setting up. Therefore, I’m embarrassed. Ignore all the stock images, white space, and awkward musings. I promise I’m usually not this lame.


However, if you reading this in the future and my blog is awesome, clearly there was no lameness here. I just had to pretend I was once starting up to make myself seem normal and not at all like the princess I am.


Unless that makes you think I’m conceited and don’t want to read my blog. Then that would be sad.


What I really want to say is that I’m glad that you’re here and I really hope you enjoy my posts! They are all my own thoughts about the books that I read or have read, and I hope that they help you with your book thoughts on whether or not to read them. I’m a sucker for always reading reviews, since I know how important they are to me, so I hope mine do that for you too.


Thanks so much, and I hope you all find your book wonderland out there!


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