Makeup Fridays: Makeup & Gender

I know I’ve been dragging on these posts, guys, and it’s killing me more than it’s killing you! Today I wrote my before-last essay and now I have one more to go before I’m freeeeee (for, like, three weeks and then I start a summer intensive). But a summer intensive is better than a full courseload any day so… I’ll still celebrate!

So for the record, today’s post is both late and a bit lacking in content, but it is here and I hope you’ll still give me props? I was thinking about Article #2 of the Human Rights document, Don’t Discriminate. My brain kind of jumped to “blue for boys, pink for girls” concept. I’ve always found it such a ridiculous notion that concepts and colours have to be divided between the genders. That inspired me to create a look but … I’m not sure it’s this one? I wanted a dividing line and I wanted pink and I wanted blue but I don’t know if I wanted what turned out.

Still, I do like what I did. I think it says something. Maybe one day I’ll recreate it and it’ll say even more?

Anyway. Boys and girls are just … boys and girls. A label. That doesn’t determine what a person will like or who they will be. But if, from the moment a child is born, you say “pink” and “princesses” and “makeup” and “no sports,” then you’re playing a huge role in determining who they will be.

I could say more and I could be  ALOT clearer but my brain is still pretty scrambled. Thanks for tuning in this Friday and I hope school isn’t reducing you to this much mush too!


Stay lovely,
📷 = @shaniasquires

3 thoughts on “Makeup Fridays: Makeup & Gender

  1. Super fun, Sha! I thought you were going for a David Bowie lightning stripe at first and I’m like intriguing. This was so great, though. And you must teach me the tricks of your eyebrows. :O :O :O SO pretty.

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