Discussion Post: What makes you say goodbye to a physical book?

discussion post

The word responsibility has been bouncing around my head in the past few days as I tried to figure out the last UN right that I had on the list of topics for this month. I kept saying, “What is my responsibility to a book?” And then I immediately thought, “Why is Mandy being so deep? This is so unlike Mandy, and I need to stop.” So then I went to go cry in the corner again that I finished all of The X-Files.

That whole deep question helped to sponsor today’s discussion post.

At what point, do you decide to get rid of a book?

It might be easy for some: the moment you read it and don’t like it, it’s time to pass it along. You don’t like it – don’t keep it. End of the story. Most of the time, I’m like that. If I read it and didn’t enjoy it at all, I will usually pass it along to my friends, donate it to the library, or I used to resell it to a local used bookstore. If I didn’t enjoy it, I like to think someone else can be ridiculously less picky and less book hipster than me and it could go to a happy book home.

However, there are certain things that do have to go into a decision to forever part with a book – and things get trickyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. It’s the certain criteria that have a book that I gave a ridiculous one crown still sitting prominently on my bookshelf. Shall we go over some of the reasons Mandy might stop herself from parting with a book she kind of hated?

I boughts it with my own two money

Books are expensive. New books are QUITE expensive. If I preordered a new hardcover book that I was PUMPED for, chances are I’m going to stroke it lovingly and adoringly until I can forget how much money it set me back. However, sometimes new books don’t always work out. Out of the few new books I’ve preordered such as Heart of Iron and The Wicked Deep, they each got two and three crowns respectively. I wasn’t a big fan of them, but I sent GOOD money on them. Do I see myself rereading them? Eh, crap, I kind of see myself doing it, which is so unlike me and these are now TERRIBLE examples, but STILL. I don’t usually reread two crowns books before, but ANYWAY. I had a point here. It’s really quite hard to part with a book that you just shelled out 10 – 20 dollars for and it is so brand new even though you weren’t a fan.

Don’t Go Breaking My ARC

That’s right – the pretty, shiny, silky feeling ARC. They are the elusive Holy Grail of sorts of the book world. You get one, and it sort of feels like you’re Willy Wonka…wait, is it Charlie? Yeah, yeah, Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. I’ve been book blessed to have a few appear on my doorstep whether it was from contests or the book publishers accidentally thinking I’m a book blogger worthy of one. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ARCs are super special, and sometimes it’s just HARD to part with them because it’s all like PHYSICAL ARC. IN MY HANDS. IT SAYS SPECIAL ARC WORDS. Even though I may not enjoy the ARC, it still has that special ARC feel, and it feels weird to part with it.

My Precious…Cover

Um, we bookworms know how important a cover is. It’s muy importante. It can make or break us for picking up a book. I can say that I’ve passed over books that had covers that seemed a little sketch – even if it meant that it might have a good story in it. I mean, it’s the reason I almost didn’t read my beloved The Big Empty and didn’t read Cinder for such a long time. Good covers = pretty bookshelves. Pretty bookshelves = happy bookworms. Pretty is pretty, and it’s hard to part with pretty. And it’s one of the main reasons that I’ve had a hard time passing over some books.

So, what actually makes me give up a book?

Well, sometimes I get past all of those reasons, and I actually do give up the goods. If I really hated the book, it can be quite easy to part. I used to be worst about giving up my books, but I do find it easier now because I just want these books to go to happy home. And I find that I love donating to my local library because they can go back and resell these books for a profit for a place I love. Therefore, I realize this book could do better with someone else instead of just collecting dust in one of my storage bins.

Whatever you decide has to be right with you! Don’t give up a book that you hated just because you feel like you have to. You can keep bad books for all of the reasons above and more. It’s your bookshelf…although when times are tough and you’ve literally lost all room, um, you might want to skip the pretty cover and save room for the beloved. Just saying.

UN Right #29

29. Responsibility.ย We have a duty to other people, and we should protect their rights and freedoms.

I mentioned briefly about responsibility up above. Look at me talking about things up above for once! See, I feel like a responsible book blogger here.

What do you think? At what point do you decide to discard a book? Do you have unhauls? Do you savor each and every book? Do you keep books you hated for some of the reasons above? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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37 thoughts on “Discussion Post: What makes you say goodbye to a physical book?

  1. I recently did a lot of cleaning out of my shelves, and most of the ones I found most difficult to part with had pretty covers, even if I wasn’t a huge fan of the book. But once I got rid of them my shelves felt so much cleaner!! My goal is that if someone were to peruse my shelf and pick out a book, I’d be able to recommend it- so gone were all the one and two star books! And it does feel nice to donate them and hope they will be going into hands of people who enjoy them more.

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    1. The pretty covers really are the hardest. You just know that they could just sit there so nicely. D: But the feeling you get when you do get rid of them is the best!!! And that’s actually such an epic goal. I think I might need to try that too

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  2. I have actually been meaning to write an unhaul since January, so I have a very complicated answer to this. First, 98% of what I read are brand new books (with 1.98% going to e-ARCs, and 0.02% going to library books (these are all rough percentages)). I also have a very complicated strategy for buying books, but to simply it, I only buy books with gift cards. I think buying books with gift cards helps separate the fact that the book was expensive from my decision to keep it because while buying it took away from buying another book I may have liked more, I didn’t spend actual money on it that would take away from my ability to buy food and pay for tuition. As to how I decide what to keep and what to donate, there isn’t a ton of logic behind it. I donate most of my DNF and 1 star books, but I keep some of them (like Heartless) that are really good quality hardcovers. I’m also donating a handful of 2 star books and some 3 star books I’ve fallen out of love with and think someone else will enjoy more.

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    1. Oooooh, Moira, that’s such a brilliant way to do it! I think I totally might need to do that too, because the guilt with buying bad books gets me so hard. That’s a fantastic strategy. And I’m super with you about the good quality hardcovers. Hard to pass that up. But I’m with you on it so much!!

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  3. I had to get rid of a ton of books this summer when I moved. I think I donated 5 boxes of books to the Friends of the Library sale. I kept the ARCs I have not read (I could read them some day), but once I read them, I will give them away. I just have zero space.

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    1. I’m getting to that point, Sam, as well with the zero space. But wow, that is impressive how much you gave!! That’s a good system, though, and hopefully can help clear a bit out more. Even though you needed to get rid of them, I can imagine it was a bit hard to let go of that many at one time.

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  4. I did a huge sort of my books a couple years ago and let go of all sorts of books that Iโ€™d held onto since childhood! It was such a relief to let go, like they were literally on top of me… and now the feeling was gone! So I donโ€™t struggle so much anymore… if I donโ€™t enjoy the book I get rid of it! If I wonโ€™t reread it then I send the book on to another home (loved this part of your process the best ๐Ÿ˜‰)

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    1. Ahhhhh that makes sense, Dani! After one big hurdle or purge of them, it totally gets you into a mindset that is easier to get rid of things. I think I’m starting to get to that point as well where it’s easier now that I’m doing it in little batches. Childhood, though, wast the worst for trying to get rid of them. But yes!! โค


  5. I totally feel you! I personally hate seeing books I hate on my shelves (so it’s already quite minimal), but throwing out those books I bought by mistake literally make my hands shake lol. As well as with ARCs! I’m currently trying to trade away my ARCs because I have too many at the moment, but it’s killing me to do so because they ARE rare.

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    1. Yes! I agree! I will just stare at a book and remember the awful times, but then it’s just so pretty or I bought with good money and I’m like, um, never mind, it can sit a while longer. But YES. Trading is a good idea as well since you at least will get something else in the future for it?

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  6. This is a really hot topic for me atm because this summer I am planning on having a mega book unhaul! I used to hoard all of my books and I actually still have them all in my bedroom at my family home. But, when I’m at uni I can only bring my really special books because I don’t have much shelf space and when I started doing this I realised that I really really like just having my special books with me. They don’t all have to be my favourite books, some of them are ones I read at a specific time in my life or ones that have some quotes I love in them but the ones I have all have something special so this summer I’m planning on getting rid of quite a few of my meh books that don’t have any special significance to me!

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    1. Oooooh that’s a super great point! I think that’s definitely a brilliant idea to keep the ones that while you might not reread over and over, you have that emotional and special connection to. Those are the most important novels. So I could definitely see the rest going off in the unhaul. I wish you luck with that unhaul since it sounds like it’s going to be a satisfying one!

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  7. I can’t give up my books (the ones I bought myself). No matter how worn out they are, I just can’t get rid of them or even donate them away XD

    Maybe it’s because books are quite expensive in my area, and I just treasure my memories with them (yes, even the ones I didn’t really enjoy reading).

    I’m selfish and want to keep the books all for myself, but MAYBE I’ll change my mind in the future ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. You totally make a good point! Even if the book wasn’t so good, it’s still has a particular set of memories that go with it and still means a lot. But I’m with you – I just want all the books too lol. XD

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      1. Yes, and that’s why I might have to deal with the problem of ‘having too many books’ later on XD

        Well, I suppose we’ll figure something out ๐Ÿ˜›

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  8. I hardly–I never– give up books. Mainly for the reasons you listed above. Especially the money one. Sitting here right now I can pin point about 7 books some I bought and some (expired) ARCs that I am probably never gonna read or reread. And I’m telling you there are more. I really want to donate some to my library, but I get anxious just thinking abut parting with my books…so I keep them. And my mother continues to call me a hoarder. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. AHahahaha I do agree, Rendz. It’s just so hard to part with those beauties. They’re just there and beautiful and we boughts them with moneyyyyyy. Nothing wrong with being a hoarder until you land on reality tv. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  9. I don’t get rid of books. I lost some when I left some at my best friend’s place back in high school when I first moved to another state and they were all of my childhood books I was going to come back for later that year. (Someone took them from her.) I was super sad to lose those for the longest time but I eventually got over it. It was a whole box full of books.

    I have a hard time DNF books too. Sometimes I don’t feel guilty about ARC’s, I try to be nice when I explain that it wasn’t for me after all. But I have a hard time with other books, and I don’t know why.

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    1. I wish I kept more like those childhood ones you said. That’s so hard when you lose those great ones that had so many amazing memories with. Ah, Colleen, that’s so hard since you lost the longest ones you had. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      Interesting. maybe since you know you got that ARC for free and the others you put effort to get?


  10. Yes, they were my series from like elementary… Baby Sitter’s Club, Baby Sitter’s Club Little Sister, The Boxcar Children, all of my horse books like The Saddle Club, Black Beauty, Thoroughbred, etc. I had several in each series. I’ve slowly collected some of my horse books again.

    IDK. It’s different each time. I just know I didn’t feel guilty with a DNF for a new adult ARC book, but if I DNF this physical ARC book I’m getting I know that will be harder. I am trying to plan on going into it with low expectations to get more out of it. With paid books those are always disappointed. I shouldn’t even feel guilty with library books but I do feel guilty when I DNF one of them.

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    1. Oh gosh, those were some good ones! Those are super hard to find now too. I spot the occasional ones in library book sales and such. Hopefully one day you will have them all again!

      And huh. Books just make us feel silly things, lol.. XD

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  11. I know I probably commented since I liked this…this showed up in my feed again. I still feel guilty for DNF’ing an ARC book especially. I just DNF’ed one because I felt like it was my work. I thought it would be more about royals instead..

    I did not finish one by one of my favorite publishers last week and still feel incredibly guilty because I feel like I might let them down. I might go back and finish it sometime since they are my favorite publisher.

    (Bring me their hearts is what has me all guilty since it was through Entangled Teen. I usually automatically love their books. It wasn’t terrible, I might have just read too many fantasy books lately.)

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    1. I feel guilty with ARCs for the longest time. It’s like you made a promise to an editor and then it I totally failed it. But if a book just isn’t your jam, it’s going to get a bad rating anyway. But I definitely get it. I would try taking a little time with it, see how it goes, and if you’re really not feeling it still, it’s totally okay to just no enjoy it. I think I might have done it with a few of their books and they were fine with it.

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