Makeup Fridays: Mulan-Inspired Tutorial

Who is ready for a second round of princess-inspired makeup? I know I am! I don’t know about anyone else, but this week has been particularly challenging for me. I started back up at university and there’s just something about that first week back that leaves you completely exhausted, even though every class is just a syllabus review. You’re doing nothing, and yet you go home ready to sleep for a thousand years (I see you, Aurora!)

With these challenges in mind, there was no princess better than Mulan. Okay, a first week back to school is not exactly equal to ending a war and saving a country, but I think it’s important to remember that your challenges count! Don’t evaluate your struggles against what others are facing (or have faced). Remember that your experiences are unique, because the journey you are taking is unique.

Now, enough preaching from me, let’s hop into some Mulan love! For this look I wanted to focus on the eye and keep the lip nude. I encourage you to go for a crazy wing to really jazz up this look if you have a better eye shape for winged liner than me! A sharp wing really calls me to Mulan because of the sword she takes (borrows) from her father. A cool behind the scenes fact: my eyeliner ran out in the middle of filming, so I used an Expo marker to finish the look. Aaaand that marker happened to have a super thick tip, which explains why the dots around the eye are so wonky. But it washed off just fine (though I don’t plan on using an Expo again in the future!)

Let me know your thoughts and question of the week is: can Disney’s Mulan be considered a feminist icon for children?

Stay lovely,
📷 = @shaniasquires

4 thoughts on “Makeup Fridays: Mulan-Inspired Tutorial

    1. So true! Sometimes a friend will recommend a product and I’ll check it out in store, only to find out the brand isn’t cruelty-free :/ But taking a stand with the things I do (and don’t!) buy makes me even prouder of every makeup look I create 😀 and there are certainly a lot of cruelty-free dupes out there for even the highest-end product.

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