🍴 Meal Ideas for When You Just Can’t 🍴

It's nearing the end of September, which means I've been back at uni for almost a month now. That also means near thirty days of prepping (hopefully) nutritious lunches and coming home late in the evening, drop-dead tired but dinner already on my mind. You know how it is. You want that good, healthy lifestyle … Continue reading 🍴 Meal Ideas for When You Just Can’t 🍴

Makeup Fridays: Cruelty-Free Foundation Guide

Time to get the base on your face! I've covered tools, I've covered brushes, I think we're ready to deep dive into the world of foundation. Warning, I will not go in-depth on BB and CC Cream because I've not used them myself (the last thing I want is to lead you astray). As always, … Continue reading Makeup Fridays: Cruelty-Free Foundation Guide

Makeup Fridays: 5 Min. Makeup Tutorial

Is it bad that an avid makeup lover such as myself is ready and determined to name this 5 minute makeup video her favourite video yet? Filming this video was so much fun! I got to tell you about some of my favourite products, recommend some great brands ... and I barely applied any product … Continue reading Makeup Fridays: 5 Min. Makeup Tutorial

Makeup Fridays: Mulan-Inspired Tutorial

Who is ready for a second round of princess-inspired makeup? I know I am! I don’t know about anyone else, but this week has been particularly challenging for me. I started back up at university and there’s just something about that first week back that leaves you completely exhausted, even though every class is just … Continue reading Makeup Fridays: Mulan-Inspired Tutorial