How to Live like a Contemp YA Protag (for a day) 📝

⏰ Wake Up ⏰

It’s early. Way too early. You hit snooze a dozen times and when that doesn’t work, you throw your phone across the room. Nothing is getting you out of bed except maybe your younger sibling hurtling themselves on top of you or your mother yelling through the door that if you don’t get a move on, she’s not giving you a lift. No smelly breath or greasy hair is in your future, and a vivid description of whatever shabby chic outfit you put on is a must!

MANDY: I am the alarm person, and since I’m naturally a paranoid person, I have 3 – 4 alarms set just in case the first 2 – 3 fail. So, my first step is to turn off all of those and try to literally roll myself out of the bed. Then directly into the shower of sadness, where I forever cry I’m up this early. 
SHA: I get up every morning at 6:30 am and get ready for it: I don’t even need an alarm. My body knows that it’s time to waken. I haven’t hit snooze in years. 

🍳 Time for Breakfast! 🍳

You make it downstairs without enough time for that hearty meal of pancakes and bacon your dad whipped up. (He’s a pro at breakfast, sure, but he can’t cook anything else to save his life.) Somehow you still have time for a lecture on your constant tardiness/anti-social antics/need to get into a good college. You grab an apple—that will have to be enough to get you through the day.

MANDY: I have to have something in my stomach, because I mean, who wants the stomach rumbles in the middle of class? I don’t want the tune of whale sounds coming from me, so I try to sneak a granola bar in before I try to sneak in a 10 minute snooze. 
SHA: I agree with breakfast being hard to eat when you’re in a rush. I prefer eating it though. ALSO, omg, if someone was lecturing me before the crack of dawn… Okay, then I would run out without breakfast. 

🚌 Off to School 🚌

You’re driving yourself in to school today. The school bus = for losers. (Literally, you can explain why and the whole social death that entails in detail.) But you have to drive your annoying younger sibling in as well. Ugh. They always fool around with the radio and ask the dumbest questions. Don’t worry, though – you’ll be picking up your bestie where you can chat about your latest crush, the best gossip, and how awful school is.

MANDY: I either drove myself or carpooled when I was in school. Carpools were not for talking though – they were usually for contemplating all life choices like why was school happening and praying the radio didn’t play any awkward songs in front of my dad and carpool buddy. 
SHA: I still don’t have my license, so I will get on the Loser Bus. It’s more environmentally friendly, Protag!! I’m also super close with my siblings, a car ride with them would be fun. 

🏫 Go to Class (sorta) 🏫

Lockers are slamming and people are gossiping. Hello, high school, can’t wait to leave you. Actually, now feels like a good time? That cute love interest asked you to dip out and grab some real food at the local diner. (Do not trust cafeteria grub.) Farewell, AP Science! You’ll get the notes. Probably.

MANDY: Meh, I mean, classes and school in general was, like, okay? I don’t understand how anyone had time – especially for all the gossiping or stopping by for a quick chat because there was like five minutes in between, and all of the classes were on the opposite side of the building. NO ONE HAS TIME FOR THIS. And like, I could never get my locker open. So. Yeah. That’s apparently what I took out of high school, lol. 
SHA: I liked high school? In a weird way. I won’t say I never wanted to leave, but I enjoyed being in class. No one ever asked me to skip to eat delicious food!!! I clearly missed out on the best high school experiences. 

💰 Time for Work? 💰

After school it’s off to wo— home. Let’s be serious, you don’t have time to sweep popcorn off the floor and smell like stale butter. There are hearts to break! Anyway, you get a hefty allowance that you won’t mention for manners’ sake. That’s how you afford the car!

MANDY: Ya girl had homework to do – and like parents that were not into dropping her off places when they were tired. So, no work for moi, and definitely not an allowance. Birthday and Christmas had to be the cash cows to keep it flowing through the year. 
SHA: Can I have a mystery allowance? I didn’t have a job in high school but I didn’t have an allowance either.

💣 Mental Breakdown 💣

AURGH! Mom is off again about college applications (you’re working on it, doesn’t she get that?? Nevermind that skipped AP Science class, you’re GETTING the notes) and Dad burned the dinner he never should have been making and your pesky younger sibling is screeching louder than the fire alarm. Why is everything so complicated????

MANDY: idk, YA Heroine, IDK. Maybe it’s revisionism history, but I feel like I was a bit more chill in high school??? I mean, I’m naturally an anxious person, so ofc, the panic can’t stop, won’t stop, but I felt like I didn’t have a YA Heroine level meltdown that I can remember – although I certainly had senioritis. 
SHA: I feel this protag on the daily mental breakdown. I’ve yet to schedule mine to a precise moment like this, but if I could schedule a time sometime before bed would be nice. 

✏️ Homework ✏️

You can catch up on homework tomorrow morning, you decide, as you set your alarm extra early. You won’t even hit snooze! (Yeah, right.) Tonight, you need to relax and catch up with your best friends—the people who know you best and can say all the right things to calm you down after such a hectic day. Time to dig out that phone you pitched across the room this morning.

MANDY: Anxiety would never let me not not do homework. This girl = total rule follower and definitely afraid of a good stern talking to from mi madre. She doesn’t play. So, I always had homework done and ready to go – probably a bit half-hearted but READY TO GO. 
SHA: Yup. I was always avoiding homework. The only written work I keep up with now is the blog, and I usually do that without being told. (AKA things you choose to do yourself are way more fun and motivating to do.) Friend time > homework time. 

💤 It’s Bed Time! 💤

Finally, sleep. Everything will be better tomorrow, it has to be. You should probably leave the window open a crack though, in case a certain someone wants to sneak in…

MANDY: Omg, no. Ain’t no boy sneaking in my bedroom window. This is not turning into a murder mystery starring me as the dead side character. I’m in promptly at the same bedtime each night so I can all the beauty sleep I can get, since I’m not a YA Heroine. 
SHA: You better bet all my doors and windows are locked at night. Not even stray cats can get in and you know I love me some kitties.


How would you fare as a typical contemporary YA protagonist? 

46 thoughts on “How to Live like a Contemp YA Protag (for a day) 📝

  1. This is an amazing post, it’s so creative! I’d fail dismally at this. No car, no allowance or job and definitely no mystery boys

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  2. You two crack me up! This was hilarious. I definitely did not live the life of a contemporary YA character, though, there are quit a few perks to that life.


      1. obviously, I mean, Australia sucks so why wouldn’t we want to go the US where guns are legal, kinder eggs are banned, trump is president, and you have to pay for healthcare? honestly sounds great
        (I’m sorry this turned into a ‘roast america’ comment)

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      2. Omg, I started reading that comment thinking you were dead serious, and I was soooo confused hahaa.

        the fact that you included the banning of Kinder eggs though. THE WORST THING ABOUT AMERICA. XD


  3. So creative and hilarious, especially since I just imagined a cliche protagonist whining about her wife, and wishing her love interest would notice her in a lot of the scenarios, but Mandy and yours comments are so entertaining to what you would do.

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  4. I would definitely not be able to cope as a YA Contemporary protagonist.
    Waking up early?
    Eating breakfast with a side of a lecture about school?
    Annoying siblings?
    Having annoying people at school?
    OML I am a YA contemporary protagonist.
    No, to be honest I am not but this is an amazing post! And very accurate.

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  5. Bwahahahaha this is excellent girls!!! It would be even more different for me as I am older than you and lots of technology did not exist at that time LOL

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  6. Sha, I think we’re basically the same person? I also wake up without an alarm! I just wake up whenever I need to! It’s super weird, but at least I’m not the only one. 😂 (And I also don’t have my lisense yet! I would only need it to drive to the bookstore, tbh.)

    I love this post so much! I’s so cute and creative! Now that I think about it, this is exactly how the typical YA girls are usually dipicted. 🤔 And speaking of whiny teens, have you ever noticed that teens in movies are always like “ugh mom you’re ruining my life! let me live!!” ? And they never study, or even look at their books? I don’t like it one bit.

    Excellent post once again! 💕

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    1. It’s crazy, isn’t it? I much prefer getting up without an alarm though, the sound of an alarm can be so jarring. I used to need one back in my first year of high school and to this day, the sound of that specific alarm I used still gives me bursts of panic when I hear it.

      Thank you!! It was so fun to write and realize how some contemporary YA protags are … kind of the same haha. Oh yeaah, you’re so right! Girls, just listen to your mom, there’s a *mildly* important reason she’s asking you to do basic life chores? Haha.

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  7. This post was so much fun to read! I’m always curious as to how accurate the high school experiences in books are. I went to an all girls private school, and therefore can’t relate in any way to the high schools t hat I always see in books. I took the bus, but it was fine. I only carpooled in my senior year once I could drive. I always went to class and did my HW. I’m always shocked when characters are so easily swayed to drop their entire education for a boy. I get so stressed out from them. HOW WILL YOU MAKE UP THE NOTES! YOU HAVE A PAPER DUE TOMORROW! I understand that the high school is merely supposed to be the setting, but I still feel like if you’re going to go into so much detail about how stressful the college application process is, then the character would be focusing more on their classes.

    Great post!

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    1. I based this post on the high school experiences I read in books… 😂 What I read in contemp YA is not at all what I experienced at school. Mainly, where I live, no one drove to school (licenses take longer and everyone graduates high school at 17).

      OMG BUT YES, I get so stressed when they skip school toooo. I was never like that in school either so seeing so many protags who don’t focus, or care about education in the longterm, makes me nervous.

      Thanks Malka!!


  8. This was hilarious! Great post haha
    I don’t think I qualify as a YA heroine at all!! I wait until the last minute possible to get out of bed, sure (I have like five alarms too) and I’m often running late BUT I never get rides and if I’m not preparing my own breakfast, I’m not eating. I only got my driving license a year after finishing HS, and I don’t have my own car anyway, so I take the bus to college. My younger brother cares more about sleeping and playing computer than waking me up waaay early in the morning lol But he does annoy me. And my parents are divorced, and actually, I enjoy my dad’s food better? Anyway, I spend a lot of time at school and studying … Since, well, ever. So I’m always studying and could never leave homework until the actual day … at least on purpose xD College stress has made me forget some homework, admittedly!

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  9. Oh this is gonna be fun
    1. I’m waking up on the second alarm, greasy hair and a desperate need to use the facilities
    2. I am eating breakfast, but it’s just cereal — no one in my house has the time for bacon and eggs on a weekday
    3. I’m on the loser Bus
    4. I’m going to class. I am here for an education, hello!?
    5. lol I don’t have a job–I got hmwrk
    6. I have a mental breakdown in the shower
    7. I do my hmwrk. I am a total rule-follower too.
    8. I go to bed, window open for a nice breeze not a boy

    This was excellent ladies I hope in this AU we’d be friends in our contemporary stories

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 1. okay in the real world WHO ISN’T.
      2. okay but BAGELS. I’m hungry after thirty minutes on cereal how do you survive with cereal? O:
      3. toot toot for the loser bus!! all aboard!
      6. XD okay but yes
      8. risky though. we all know the boys just creep in. an open window is like a flashing beacon for boys.

      we would HANDS DOWN be friends in this au. haNDS DOWN.

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