August Wrap Up & September TBR

Another month down, and another month of Mandy being confused on what she actually read. Well, I guess this is still a thing? 🧚 fairy blessing: Our readathon is next month, and I'm ready for all of the spooky reads!! 🧚 fairy blessing: This girl had a much needed vacation, and got some good reading time in. 🧙 stepmother's curse: Summer … Continue reading August Wrap Up & September TBR

March Wrap-Up / April TBR

March was an intriguing month...and by an intriguing month, I mean, it was the month of 3 crowns. Literally, almost all of the books that I read at the end of the month teetered between two and three crowns. So can we just call it Meh March? I read a total of 14 books this … Continue reading March Wrap-Up / April TBR

January Wrap-Up / February TBR

January started off with me trying to read as many books as I could to get my Goodreads goal off the ground, but it got a little bumpy in the middle and ended up on a high note. I'm super pleased with what I got accomplished, and I'm thinking 2018 might be off to a … Continue reading January Wrap-Up / February TBR

September Wrap-Up and a ??? October TBR

September Wrap-Up September...well, September was certainly an interesting month. I'm not quite sure what to do with it. I battled a reading slump, a blogging slump, an accidental hiatus, and a planned one. The beginning of the month really had some struggles, but I managed to knock out a solid amount of books at the … Continue reading September Wrap-Up and a ??? October TBR

March Wrap-up / April TBR

So, you can say I had a good March book month, but I didn't realize I did? Perhaps it was book denial that I managed to devour 16 books in March - almost none of them having been on my March TBR. Bad Book Princess, but the books that I totally deviated from ended up … Continue reading March Wrap-up / April TBR

February Wrap-Up/March TBR

I feel like February needs to be longer. This month literally always throws me off. I need more days to finish up my book reading before March gets here, and I'm a total mess...okay, I'm a total book mess right now, but shhhhh. Let's start with the books I actually managed to accomplish on my … Continue reading February Wrap-Up/March TBR