TV Time with Sha (Part 2)

As promised, here's another veering-off-topic rambling post from the still sick Sha. The weather outside is getting warmer and warmer and now I'm cooped up inside, wracked with shivers. At least I know my TV is getting its use? Today I caught up on the new episode of Brooklyn 99. Favourite character? Raymond Holt, hands down. … Continue reading TV Time with Sha (Part 2)

TV Time with Sha (Part 1?)

What was this post supposed to be about? The novel "The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B" by Teresa Toten, a book about a fourteen-year-old boy balancing his OCD diagnosis, possible new relationship, extended family dynamic, and his mother's own mental illness. Interesting? Very. I devoured a fifth of the book in one sitting before I had … Continue reading TV Time with Sha (Part 1?)