#POLL: Do All YA Books Need Romance?

Off the top of your head, how many YA books can you name where romance didn't factor into either the A, B, or C plot? As in, romance wasn't why our lead was torn between staying in their hometown or heading to their dream college. Romance wasn't why our lead doubted their investigation into a … Continue reading #POLL: Do All YA Books Need Romance?

HOW TO: Receive (1) Email Update a Week from WordPress

I've heard on a few occasions that Mandy and I drop a lot of posts during the week (true) and that as much as everyone enjoys our content, it's a lot to keep up with. The last thing we want to do is spam inboxes, so today's post is a quick how-to on receiving weekly … Continue reading HOW TO: Receive (1) Email Update a Week from WordPress

#POLL: Audiobook, e-Book, or Physical Copy?

A tale as old as time ... and you can trust it'll get as many remakes as the movie that line comes from! As readers today we can choose how to get the stories we crave, basing our decisions on budget, availability, personal taste, and more. Gone are the days when the first book was … Continue reading #POLL: Audiobook, e-Book, or Physical Copy?

TV Time with Sha (Part 2)

As promised, here's another veering-off-topic rambling post from the still sick Sha. The weather outside is getting warmer and warmer and now I'm cooped up inside, wracked with shivers. At least I know my TV is getting its use? Today I caught up on the new episode of Brooklyn 99. Favourite character? Raymond Holt, hands down. … Continue reading TV Time with Sha (Part 2)