March Wrap-Up & April TBR

I don't even know where to begin with the month that was March, so let's usher in April here! 📌 fairy godmother's blessing: I read a lot more books than previous months, so there is hope I can get back reading skills! 📌 fairy godmother's blessing: Sha has returned to the blog! Like a child sticking … Continue reading March Wrap-Up & April TBR

February Wrap-Up & March TBR

Well. Well. It's March? It's been a month, so I'm ready for some wrapping this up. 🧚 fairy blessing: I read some of my most anticipated reads! 🧚 fairy blessing: I WENT TO DISNEYLAND. 🧙 stepmother’s curse: I went on another mini hiatus, and I think I broke myself again with it. EMOJI KEY 🌈 = LGBTQ+ rep 🌱 … Continue reading February Wrap-Up & March TBR

January Wrap-Up & February TBR

The first month of 2020 has come and gone, and I feel like I should be more changed than I am?? 🧚 fairy blessing: I'm back to blogging! 🧚 fairy blessing: I am officially out of my reading slump! 🧙 stepmother’s curse: This month has felt longggggggggggg. EMOJI KEY 🌈 = LGBTQ+ rep 🌱 = Mental Health rep 🌻 = … Continue reading January Wrap-Up & February TBR

Short-A-Thon TBR

It's official: I'm joining one last readathon. I've been trying to find a good themed readathon for about three months now, and I've been striking out. However, I did Short-A-Thon last year, and I really enjoyed it (reading 18 books somehow), so I will be trying it again this year. The concept behind it is … Continue reading Short-A-Thon TBR

October Wrap Up & November TBR: aka the month I failed to get my act together but crossed off a bunch of authors I wanted to see at Yallfest 2019

Well, the Yallfest binge was read, and I think I mostly completed it? I still didn't read everything I wanted, but here we are! 🧚 fairy blessing: I'm going to Yallfest next month!! 🧚 fairy blessing: I sort of got my reading rhythm reading again, and I finally read a decent amount of books. 🧙 stepmother's curse: I read, like, nothing … Continue reading October Wrap Up & November TBR: aka the month I failed to get my act together but crossed off a bunch of authors I wanted to see at Yallfest 2019

Yallfest October TBR

It's officially official: Mandy is going back to Yallfest for a second year in a row. This girl is screaming. SO MUCH EXCITEMENT TO BE HAD. While some of my top authors aren't going to be there like last year, I'm still excited to be back in the Yallfest pandemonium and book love. Now, however, … Continue reading Yallfest October TBR

Nightmare Before BPR : an Update of Monster Proportions

It's 18 days into Nightmare Before BPR aka Spooky September, and YA GIRL IS GOING STRONG. Well, as strong as I can be. We can pretend, right? I've been feeling all the spooky vibes, and I'm afraid I might thrill and chill myself out before Halloween happens. Might that be possible??? Let's refresh what this … Continue reading Nightmare Before BPR : an Update of Monster Proportions

August Wrap Up & September TBR

Another month down, and another month of Mandy being confused on what she actually read. Well, I guess this is still a thing? 🧚 fairy blessing: Our readathon is next month, and I'm ready for all of the spooky reads!! 🧚 fairy blessing: This girl had a much needed vacation, and got some good reading time in. 🧙 stepmother's curse: Summer … Continue reading August Wrap Up & September TBR