The Astrological Book Tag

I'm super excited to bring to you today a tag that definitely is aiming for the stars! We are taking on the zodiac signs today on BPR for the Astrological Book tag. Thank you so much to Ashes Books & Bobs for tagging us for this one! Ashley has a great blog full of fun … Continue reading The Astrological Book Tag

Books I’ll Probably Never Read Tag

I would love to thank Jenna at Bookmark Your Thoughts for tagging me for this. This is literally such a me tag since there are so many books that I never want to read despite the major major hype. Make sure you go check out Jenna's blog as well since we not only shared a … Continue reading Books I’ll Probably Never Read Tag

Relationshipper Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Jamie over at Bubbly Books for this tag. She created it herself, and it's so brilliant! I'm such a princess of swoons and feels, so I love talking about some brilliant ships. Lately I haven't been feelings the feels, so I was hoping this would bring it back! Make … Continue reading Relationshipper Tag

The Lady Janies Book Tag

I'm super excited for this tag that I'm bringing to you today. Not only is a tag created by two fantastic bloggers but it's for a series that I enjoy! I have yet to read My Plain Jane, but I loved reading My Lady Jane with its subtle nods to the Princess Bride and funnies. … Continue reading The Lady Janies Book Tag

Egyptian Mythology Book Tag

Another mythology book tag from the wonderful Kyera? Of course the moment I saw it, I'm like signnnnnnnnnnnnn me up. Kyera creates the most creative and coolest book tags that have this ridiculously cool prompts with mythology. Besides that, she's just an awesome blogger. I would like to thank her for tagging me in her … Continue reading Egyptian Mythology Book Tag

20 Questions Book Tag

I used to love those 20 questions games. I think there was this little digital bubble thing that you would think of something and then it would ask you 20 questions and have to guess it. Well, this tag isn't quite that, but it seemed like a good amount of fun. Thanks so much to … Continue reading 20 Questions Book Tag