the Stuck at Home book tag

YES we may have 30+ tags sitting in a google doc, screaming our name, but when Malka and Chana tagged us in this one we had to pretend there was no such this as "first in line" and shuffled The Stuck at Home book tag to the front of the line. if you've not visited their … Continue reading the Stuck at Home book tag

The Productivity Book tag

Another day, another tag. I'm thinking this one is super easy, because everyone knows Mandy and I are super productive. Amirite? Yeah? Yes? Thank you, thank you to Rebecca over at BookishlyRebecca for tagging us in this one. Be sure to check out her answers before scrolling on down to our own. RULES Answer the … Continue reading The Productivity Book tag

Anything but Books (tag)

Thank you to the lovely Michaela @ Journey Into Books for the tag! name a cartoon character that you love MANDY: Um, um, DISNEY PRINCESSES. I think we have established that. But they life. SHA: Does Carmen Sandiego count? I don't know if there's a difference between "cartoon" and "animated." what is your favourite song right now? … Continue reading Anything but Books (tag)

The Oy w/ the Reading Already Tag ft. Gilmore Girls

You know what you do when someone tags you in a (book) tag featuring the Gilmore Girls? You queue up the Pilot episode on Netflix a.s.a.p. to see what the hype is all about while answering the super cool, creative prompts created by Rhiana @ Marshmallow Harmonies. *the chef, Sookie, stresses me out so muchhhh. watch … Continue reading The Oy w/ the Reading Already Tag ft. Gilmore Girls

🌞 Sunshine Blogger Award 🌞

Mandy and I want to extend a huge thank you to Samantha @ Modern Witch's Bookshelf for nominating us for the Sunshine Blogger Award! We are feeling the love over here. ❤️ This is an award for bloggers who inspire, and spread positivity and joy. This is what we aim to do with our every post, … Continue reading 🌞 Sunshine Blogger Award 🌞

The Social Media Tag

Recently Mandy and I were discussing how nobody tags us in book tags anymore. “We love tags!” we said. “Why don’t we get anymore?” Then, unsurprisingly, we came to the conclusion that maybe it’s because we forget to do tags for several months. “That could be it!” we said. “Maybe we could, um, clean out … Continue reading The Social Media Tag