♀️ Women’s History Month ♀️ Book Tag

We knew the moment that we saw this tag that we had to do it! Last year, we fully dived into the Women's History Month readathon, but with the craziness this year, we decided to skip. However, most of the books that we read are books by women for women supporting women, so we had … Continue reading ♀️ Women’s History Month ♀️ Book Tag

Totally Should’ve Book Tag

I definitely have my fair share of book opinions, and thanks to Jamie @ Bubbly Books, I can break out my certain "totally should've" thoughts on things. Definitely make sure you check out Jamie's blog. I've definitely picked up a few books after reading her wonderful reviews, and she is forever doing fantastic tags like … Continue reading Totally Should’ve Book Tag

I Should Have Read That Book Tag

Looking at my scroll of Goodreads, there are certainly quite a few books that I should have picked up by now. I have a habit of pushing all books into the backlist in favor of the ARCs and new releases, so trust me, the list is longggggggggg. I thank Lauren @ Twenty-Seven Letters for tagging … Continue reading I Should Have Read That Book Tag

BPR Original: The Prediction Book Tag

Since it's the beginning of the year and we're all making goals, predictions, and plans for how our 2020 is going to work out, I thought it might be time to bring out the Prediction Book Tag. This tag is all about what you think what lies in your reading life future. RULES .x. pingback … Continue reading BPR Original: The Prediction Book Tag

New Years Eve Book Tag

Although it's a bit late, we are officially tackling on the New Years Eve Book Tag. We were on hiatus when New Years happened, but we hope everyone had a great one - and we're kind of ready for 2020? Maybe? Sort of? We'll see. Thanks so much to the amazing Siren @ Sweaters and … Continue reading New Years Eve Book Tag

The End of the Year (tag)

Mandy and I completed this tag on November 19 so our answers may have changed by the time this post is published. if you know the original creator of this tag, let us know in the comments. are there any books you started this year that you need to finish? MANDY: Into the Drowning Deep. I was … Continue reading The End of the Year (tag)