👑 Princess Wars: A Royal Exchange P.II 👑 (Co-Blogger Book Swap)

Here I am to present the long anticipated second part to the Co-Blogger Book Swap! Yes, yes, yes, a quick refresher for those who can no longer remember (it has been several weeks, as we all noticed) or a note to those new to the game: This Co-Blogger Book Swap is a two-part feature where … Continue reading 👑 Princess Wars: A Royal Exchange P.II 👑 (Co-Blogger Book Swap)

Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes and Noble Welcome to the City of Sin, where casino families reign, gangs infest the streets… and secrets hide in every shadow. Enne Salta was raised as a proper young lady, and no lady would willingly visit New Reynes, the so-called City of Sin. But when her mother goes missing, … Continue reading Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody

Book Blogger Test

I would like to thank the wonderful Michaela @ Journey Into Books for tagging me for this one! She is always so sweet, and her blog is always full of great things. Fantastic reviews, fun favorite quotes, and tags just like this! Definitely check out her blog on the link above, because you're going to enjoy … Continue reading Book Blogger Test

3 Days, 3 Quotes Day 2

DAY 2 has arrived and Mandy is still here and going away at it? LOOK AT ME. I AM SHOCKED AND AWED BY MY RENEWED DEDICATION TO ACTUALLY GETTING THINGS DONE. Maybe I shouldn't pat myself on the back too quickly since I have a Day 3 still looming. Rules • Thank the person who … Continue reading 3 Days, 3 Quotes Day 2

The Six of Crows Book Tag

I would love to thank Ash @ The Infinite Library for tagging me for this tag...will about seven months ago. Total failure, but know what's not a failure? THIS TAG. She created such a fantastic tag full of fun prompts with a creative take on this lovely lovely book series. Check out her original post … Continue reading The Six of Crows Book Tag

You’re Not Good Enough Tag

I saw this tag on two different blogs, and even though I was super confused by the name of the tag (LIKE, EXCUSE ME, HOW DO YOU KNOW I'M NOT GOOD ENOUGH), I knew I had to do it even though I knew I wasn't tagged. The two blogs were The Book Cover Girl and … Continue reading You’re Not Good Enough Tag