Makeup Fridays: Introduction

Happy Friday Book Princesses and Princes! My name is Shania but as a nickname lover, I invite you to call me Sha. In this new year I am the new addition to Book Princess Reviews and I have come to bring you the glory of princess makeup. (*insert stunning pose here*). Every Friday, join me … Continue reading Makeup Fridays: Introduction


My Dream Panel

As we all know, book cons bring us some of the most magical things: arcs, author signings, and perhaps one of the most amazing things: author panels. Wouldn't it be amazing to see your favorite authors together on stage talking about some epic topic? I started to wonder what Panel I would want to go … Continue reading My Dream Panel

The Princesses Read: Jasmine

Before we begin, here's a little rehash of what The Princesses Read series is: Each Saturday, I will be showcasing a lovely Disney Princess (or when they run out, some other Disney leading ladies and more) and showcasing what they might be picking up if they were reading YA today. It will be based off … Continue reading The Princesses Read: Jasmine

The New Disney Princess Book Tag – Collab with Zuky from Book Bum

Yes, yes, I already know - I've done a Princess Book Tag Collab before. It did happen, and it was glorious and fun, but when Zuky from Book Bum messaged me, I JUMPED on the opportunity to collab with her for this - our own epic Princess Book tag. It is different than the one … Continue reading The New Disney Princess Book Tag – Collab with Zuky from Book Bum

Secrets of a Reluctant Princess by Casey Griffin (ARC Review)

Check out my thoughts on Secrets of a Reluctant Princess by Casey Griffin! I may be a Book Princess, but I'm so not a reluctant one! I embrace all of my princess-yness.