Mandy Reads Fairytales: The REAL Little Mermaid

Oh, hello, there. Usually this is the day of The Princesses Read...or the Princes Read...or the Villains Read...or, like, any Disney character ever. But lately my creativity has been RIP (I even held a little funeral for it where I basically just went man, I have none, so I'mma binge watch 3 Buzzfeed Unsolved episodes … Continue reading Mandy Reads Fairytales: The REAL Little Mermaid

Makeup Fridays: Ariel-Inspired Tutorial

Ever have those days where you start off thinking one thing is going to happen and then something completely different goes down? Maybe you wake up and it's cloudy and raining and you're deadset determined the day will be dread personified, but then run into a friend on the way home from work and go … Continue reading Makeup Fridays: Ariel-Inspired Tutorial