YA/MG Books to Satisfy Your Tiger King Obsession 🐅

Like everyone else, I binged Tiger King. And my head has not stopped spinning??? I definitely wasn't sure what I was getting into, and I perhaps am not as into it as everyone else, but I was shocked and awed. I had to take days long breaks, because I could not wrap my head around … Continue reading YA/MG Books to Satisfy Your Tiger King Obsession 🐅

🎥 Reviewing Netflix Holiday Movies 🎥

In the spirit of full disclosure, this was going to be a "Top Five Hallmark Holiday Movies" post, but then someone deleted the movies I recorded (no will own up to it, but only one person in this household deletes everything non-sports related) so Netflix it shall be!! Who's ready for some ho-ho-holiday cheer and ooey, … Continue reading 🎥 Reviewing Netflix Holiday Movies 🎥

Fierce Fangirl Fridays: Sense8

Fierce Fangirl Fridays are put on by the wonderful and lovely Jackie @ Too Much of a Booknerd. If you’re not following her already, seriously, go do it, because she’s amazing. Now, what is Fierce Fangirl Fridays? Basically, it’s where you fangirl/boy over anything – that’s right, each week you pick a different thing you’re … Continue reading Fierce Fangirl Fridays: Sense8