🎥 Reviewing Netflix Holiday Movies 🎥

In the spirit of full disclosure, this was going to be a "Top Five Hallmark Holiday Movies" post, but then someone deleted the movies I recorded (no will own up to it, but only one person in this household deletes everything non-sports related) so Netflix it shall be!! Who's ready for some ho-ho-holiday cheer and ooey, … Continue reading 🎥 Reviewing Netflix Holiday Movies 🎥

🎬 TOP 10 Scariest Disney Moments in Film 😱

Today, Sha and Mandy are counting down - and we’re not just counting down the days until Halloween. Today we’re also counting down some of Disney’s scariest moments in film. Disney certainly is such a big part of our blog, and Sha and I have watched our fair share of Disney movies in our life, … Continue reading 🎬 TOP 10 Scariest Disney Moments in Film 😱

90s Movies Book Tag

Let's start off with a note from Mandy - and here goes a collective sigh because the note will probably be 20 pages long and have a thesis statement. I've hit a...it's not really a blogging slump, but something like that? I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with some things in my life right now, so … Continue reading 90s Movies Book Tag

#POLL: Books before Movies or Movies before Books?

I ask this question now and wonder: can anyone even proudly say they would watch the movie before they read the book? This #POLL is as straightforwards as they come. Are you someone who HAS to read the book before you see the movie, or do you have to see the movie before the book? … Continue reading #POLL: Books before Movies or Movies before Books?