May Wrap-Up / June TBR

This month has been...I guess a good one? I"m really not sure what it's been, but I can tell you that I planned none of these books and they ended up being okay. I rediscovered my local library, and I'm pretty sure I just took out like 10 - 12 books the other day at … Continue reading May Wrap-Up / June TBR

May Wrap-up / June TBR

May Wrap-Up Mayyyyyyyyyyyyy...I'm not sure if it went fast or slow. Like, to me, this month started to go really fast and then it kind of weirdly dwindled for a while. So I kept thinking we were weirdly further along in the month than what we were. Weirdness. Anyway, May was an interesting book month … Continue reading May Wrap-up / June TBR