July Wrap-Up & August TBR

Could this possibly be...the best reading month that Mandy has ever had??? I can't even believe the words coming out of my digital mouth. So many good reads. WHAT IS LIFE. šŸ§š fairy blessing: Um amazing books overall, between the book gifts and just good reading šŸ§š fairy blessing: I felt more refreshed in reading, blogging, etc. by the … Continue reading July Wrap-Up & August TBR

June Wrap-Up & July TBR

Another month, another 30ish days of me not completing what I would like accomplished. LIFE. This is it, y'all. I was aiming to read a lot of pride books this month, and I accomplished about half? Three were required reading for ARCs and what I had been finishing up prior, and others ended up being … Continue reading June Wrap-Up & July TBR

August Wrap-Up / September TBR

Oh, August. I wasn't a particular fan of you. I slumped hard this month with blogging and then I put myself into a funk where I didn't even want to touch books. So, this girl that usually binge reads loads actually had a tame book reading month. A lot of real life stuff caught up … Continue reading August Wrap-Up / September TBR

July Book Haul Pt. 2

July was a blessed book month. All of the book gods have shown upon dear Mandy, and I thank everything and everyone involved. If you missed first one and you're somehow into book hauls as much as I am, you can find it here! And as usual, because I'm extra, please enjoy my titled book … Continue reading July Book Haul Pt. 2

July Wrap-Up / August TBR

Julyyyyyyyyyy. I don't know what this month was. It felt super fast but also super slow? It doesn't feel like it should be the end because it didn't feel like July period. Anyway, enough about my deep and boring thoughts about July. Let's get to what matters: the books, the books, and...okay, probably more books … Continue reading July Wrap-Up / August TBR

July Book Haul Pt. 1

Well, July was my birthday month, so, thankfully I managed to scoop up more books than normal. IN FACT, I LITERALLY HAVE TO DO TWO BECAUSE I GOT SO MANY. I have been doing so well with not buying many books thanks to the fact that I have rediscovered the library and been blessed with … Continue reading July Book Haul Pt. 1