➳ DIY Halloween Costume: CUPID ➳

What could be better than a sweet, cute, lovable cupid costume for Halloween? That's what I asked myself when brainstorming ideas for a costume (except, again, I whipped this one up for camp, so I did this mid-summer and not for Halloween). Maybe I didn't go OG-Cupid with wings (couldn't find any, for the oddest reason) … Continue reading ➳ DIY Halloween Costume: CUPID ➳

🎭 DIY Halloween Costume: MIME 🎭

Would you believe I actually came up with and then WORE this costume in August? The summer camp I worked at had theme days, one of which was "circus," and what better for circus than a mime? ("A lot of things," you say. "Are there even mimes at a circus?") I whipped up this costume the … Continue reading 🎭 DIY Halloween Costume: MIME 🎭

🏫 Back to School Shopping Ideas 🏫 (Budget-Friendly!)

The summer heat has not left us, but educational institutions across the world are throwing open their doors in preparation for the crowds of students that will pound through any day now (if not already!). It's back to school season (yeah, yeah, a period of like two weeks, but let's call it a season) and if … Continue reading 🏫 Back to School Shopping Ideas 🏫 (Budget-Friendly!)

Simple & Cool Ideas for DIY Bookmarks

Let me warn you right away, if you're a book purist, this is not the post for you. This is me sticking a giant BEWARE! CAUTION! sign at the gate if you believe nary a book should have a dogeared corner nor a scuffed cover. Because books will meet scissors in this post. Now that I've … Continue reading Simple & Cool Ideas for DIY Bookmarks