Top 7 Valentine’s Day Gifts 💕 (for a book lover)

Let's cut to the chase: I don't do Valentine's Day. I'm a Single Pringle™ and have no reason to do Valentine's Day. That's maybe why I decided to DO a Valentine's Day post, but also on the very day of, so anyone who actually benefits is either A) totally skipping the holiday too, and reading this … Continue reading Top 7 Valentine’s Day Gifts 💕 (for a book lover)

➳ DIY Halloween Costume: CUPID ➳

What could be better than a sweet, cute, lovable cupid costume for Halloween? That's what I asked myself when brainstorming ideas for a costume (except, again, I whipped this one up for camp, so I did this mid-summer and not for Halloween). Maybe I didn't go OG-Cupid with wings (couldn't find any, for the oddest reason) … Continue reading ➳ DIY Halloween Costume: CUPID ➳