Makeup Fridays: The Makeup Dictionary

Today the question is: What do all those makeup products do? I’m going to do a basic summary of the makeup items we see all over drugstores and Sephora. This is to help you decide what you do/don’t need to use on a daily basis, and whether adding some of these products to your shelf … Continue reading Makeup Fridays: The Makeup Dictionary

Makeup Fridays: Sleeping Beauty Tutorial + VOTE

Hello, hello, hello to another Princess Makeup Friday! I hope the week treated you well, although sadly I cannot say it has been the same for myself. Just a rough, rough assembly of five days mixed up with brutal assignments, temperamental weather, and too little sleep time. Fingers crossed for a better follow-up week? This … Continue reading Makeup Fridays: Sleeping Beauty Tutorial + VOTE

Makeup Fridays: Frozen-Inspired Tutorial

Finally time to finish what I started! All I could see this week was snow, snow, snow, so I knew an Elsa look was up and coming. When my city was hit with an onslaught of freezing rain and every school within miles closed for the day, I decided to sleep in before pulling out … Continue reading Makeup Fridays: Frozen-Inspired Tutorial

Makeup Fridays: Mulan-Inspired Tutorial

Who is ready for a second round of princess-inspired makeup? I know I am! I don’t know about anyone else, but this week has been particularly challenging for me. I started back up at university and there’s just something about that first week back that leaves you completely exhausted, even though every class is just … Continue reading Makeup Fridays: Mulan-Inspired Tutorial