🎭 DIY Halloween Costume: MIME 🎭

Would you believe I actually came up with and then WORE this costume in August? The summer camp I worked at had theme days, one of which was "circus," and what better for circus than a mime? ("A lot of things," you say. "Are there even mimes at a circus?") I whipped up this costume the … Continue reading 🎭 DIY Halloween Costume: MIME 🎭

Simple & Cool Ideas for DIY Bookmarks

Let me warn you right away, if you're a book purist, this is not the post for you. This is me sticking a giant BEWARE! CAUTION! sign at the gate if you believe nary a book should have a dogeared corner nor a scuffed cover. Because books will meet scissors in this post. Now that I've … Continue reading Simple & Cool Ideas for DIY Bookmarks