TV Time with Sha (Part 2)

As promised, here's another veering-off-topic rambling post from the still sick Sha. The weather outside is getting warmer and warmer and now I'm cooped up inside, wracked with shivers. At least I know my TV is getting its use? Today I caught up on the new episode of Brooklyn 99. Favourite character? Raymond Holt, hands down. … Continue reading TV Time with Sha (Part 2)

Chooseday Tuesday: Introduction + First Round

Today I was walking to Lush after my last class of the day. You can imagine my excitement, freed from a hella boring lecture and the stiff wooden chairs that accompany them with the fresh scent of cruelty-free, organic Lush products on my mind. Of course, like a fool, I forgot about the cruel Canadian … Continue reading Chooseday Tuesday: Introduction + First Round