Calendar Girls: Best Contemporary Novel

Calendar Girls is hosted by bloggers, Flavia the Bibliophile and Melanie Noell Bernard – both have amazing blogs full of fun, bookish posts. Calendar Girls is a brand new monthly blog event inspired by Neil Sedaka’s 1961 song Calendar Girl. Just like in the song, we decided to use a specific them for each month and choose a book based on these … Continue reading Calendar Girls: Best Contemporary Novel

Calendar Girl: Best Historical Fiction

I missed the first Monday again, but I had a wonderful interview that was featured instead. Melanie always told me I could do it anytime in the month, so a few days late is better than halfway through the month that I did last time. PROGRESS, PEEPS, PROGRESS. I'm super excited to share with you … Continue reading Calendar Girl: Best Historical Fiction

Calendar Girls: Best Fairytale Retelling

*screaming* WHEN DID IT BECOME JULY? Because I clearly missed it, and I also clearly missed the Calendar Girls post - and it was literally the most Book Princess of them all. Luckily, it's never too late to become a Calendar Girl or, you know, post your July choice since I've clearly failed. Calendar Girls … Continue reading Calendar Girls: Best Fairytale Retelling

Calendar Girls: Best Shakespeare Play

Oh, this was not a toughie for me this month. Usually, when Calendar Girls comes around with their epic themes, I’m like, OH NO. THERE ARE TOO MANY BOOKS. I CAN’T DECIDE. However, this month? Yeah, no, favorite Shakespeare play was not a hard one, since I like so few Shakespeare plays. That’s right, Belle … Continue reading Calendar Girls: Best Shakespeare Play

Calendar Girls: Best Sequel

Are you part of Calendar Girls yet? Because seriously, you should be, because it is a ridiculously fun monthly blogging event. It's never too late to join! Here's a little more information before we continue! Calendar Girls is hosted by bloggers, Flavia the Bibliophile and Melanie Noell Bernard – both have amazing blogs full of … Continue reading Calendar Girls: Best Sequel

Calendar Girls: Best High Fantasy

Well, another month has gone by, and I seriously don't know where it has gone. Do you think I misplaced it somewhere? But since March has left us, it's time for Calendar Girls to be back in action, and I'm super excited to bring you a new one...even though I realize just how unprepared I … Continue reading Calendar Girls: Best High Fantasy