A List of ALL the Holiday Book Tags You Could Ever Need

'Tis the season to do a dozen and one holiday book tags! As I prepared for Blogmas, I searched the internet for holiday-themed book tags. It wasn't a very long search before I threw my hands in the air (this is a dramatic reenactment) because they are spread everywhere but in one simple, convenient list. … Continue reading A List of ALL the Holiday Book Tags You Could Ever Need

I Should Have Read That Book Tag

Looking at my scroll of Goodreads, there are certainly quite a few books that I should have picked up by now. I have a habit of pushing all books into the backlist in favor of the ARCs and new releases, so trust me, the list is longggggggggg. I thank Lauren @ Twenty-Seven Letters for tagging … Continue reading I Should Have Read That Book Tag

The Astrological Book Tag

I'm super excited to bring to you today a tag that definitely is aiming for the stars! We are taking on the zodiac signs today on BPR for the Astrological Book tag. Thank you so much to Ashes Books & Bobs for tagging us for this one! Ashley has a great blog full of fun … Continue reading The Astrological Book Tag

The Cheesy Goodness Book Tag

The moment I saw this tag, I knew I had to do it. I'm not so much a cheese fan, but it can be quite yummy. I always refer to the best swoony romance books as "adorable cheesy goodness" so of course I'm all over this. Thank you so much to Amanda @ MetalPhantasmReads for … Continue reading The Cheesy Goodness Book Tag

Four London Book Tag

I've been eyeing this tag for a while now, and while I was never officially tagged, it fit with the blogging challenge this month and the graphics were too cool. It was just super long, so you will gradually notice Mandy sinking further and further into "BRAIN IS MUSH LET'S JUST REPEAT TLC OVER AND … Continue reading Four London Book Tag

Disney Song Book Tag

Do you ever just decide to search around for tags because even though you probably have like 70 saved in your folder that you've been tagged for and totally need to do, NOTHING SOUNDS GOOD??? Yeah, that would be me currently. It's super odd, but I'm rolling with it. I decided to search around and … Continue reading Disney Song Book Tag