The End of the Year (tag)

Mandy and I completed this tag on November 19 so our answers may have changed by the time this post is published. if you know the original creator of this tag, let us know in the comments. are there any books you started this year that you need to finish? MANDY: Into the Drowning Deep. I was … Continue reading The End of the Year (tag)

Seven Deadly Sins Book Tag

I...I think I might have done this tag before, but I wasn't fully ready to dive deeper into the world of tags, SO I'm doing this tag that the wonderful Siobhan @ Siobhan's Novelties tagged us far. If you haven't checked out her blog before, please make sure you do! It's full of fantastic content … Continue reading Seven Deadly Sins Book Tag

Superlatives Book Tag

Apparently, I've made this a thing? Tag Thursday? I didn't know one could make a thing without knowing it was thing, but I just always put a tag on Thursday. I'm amazed by my sneakiness. Anyway, thank you to the great and wonderful Angelica @ The Book Cover Girl. Her blog is just so ridiculously … Continue reading Superlatives Book Tag