The Cheesy Goodness Book Tag

The moment I saw this tag, I knew I had to do it. I'm not so much a cheese fan, but it can be quite yummy. I always refer to the best swoony romance books as "adorable cheesy goodness" so of course I'm all over this. Thank you so much to Amanda @ MetalPhantasmReads for … Continue reading The Cheesy Goodness Book Tag


The Villains Read: The Evil Queen

I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Finally. I got myself hyped up...*looks at the water she's drinking* Well, not that. I was talking with my co-worker and after a day of feeling hyped to do things, I decided to actually do something when I got home instead of staring at the cover of my book and really wishing I … Continue reading The Villains Read: The Evil Queen

Four London Book Tag

I've been eyeing this tag for a while now, and while I was never officially tagged, it fit with the blogging challenge this month and the graphics were too cool. It was just super long, so you will gradually notice Mandy sinking further and further into "BRAIN IS MUSH LET'S JUST REPEAT TLC OVER AND … Continue reading Four London Book Tag

The X-Files Book Tag

Okay, are we SURPRISED this was coming? I mean, you haven't heard me talk/fangirl/CRY/scream about The X-Files for months upon months have you?? When Sha and I were talking about the prompts for this month, I knew that I had to do something X-Files related...and I thought I might crack open one of the X-Files … Continue reading The X-Files Book Tag

Superlatives Book Tag

Apparently, I've made this a thing? Tag Thursday? I didn't know one could make a thing without knowing it was thing, but I just always put a tag on Thursday. I'm amazed by my sneakiness. Anyway, thank you to the great and wonderful Angelica @ The Book Cover Girl. Her blog is just so ridiculously … Continue reading Superlatives Book Tag

Opposites Book Tag

I've seemed to have lost my tag mojo and all of the tags in my current file folder seem like a lot and I'm not feeling them so much right now. So, I figured that I would...mindlessly google some to randomly do??? I'm apparently at that level now. Here is a random that seemed pretty … Continue reading Opposites Book Tag

The Princes Read: Prince Eric

Well, I sort of failed with the every other week thing for a hot second, but I'm back with it! Hopefully we're back in action for good now. I had a hard time trying to figure out who I wanted to do next, but this particular guy kept calling out to me and we'll be … Continue reading The Princes Read: Prince Eric

Creature of the Night Book Tag

I was looking around for a book tag that was easy and sort of different than the other ones I had been doing, and this one caught my eye. I used to be soooooooo into paranormal novels. Like, back in the 2008 time, there were so many different offerings out there for them, and I … Continue reading Creature of the Night Book Tag

Disney Song Book Tag

Do you ever just decide to search around for tags because even though you probably have like 70 saved in your folder that you've been tagged for and totally need to do, NOTHING SOUNDS GOOD??? Yeah, that would be me currently. It's super odd, but I'm rolling with it. I decided to search around and … Continue reading Disney Song Book Tag

Book Blogger Insider Tag

I was nominated for this tag by three wonderful and fantastic bloggers. First Sophie @ Blame Chocolate then Angelica @ Dreaming of Fiction and then last by not least Laura @ The Book Corps! All of them are so sweet, have such fantastic bookish content from great reviews to tags to so much more! If … Continue reading Book Blogger Insider Tag