FIFA World Cup Book Tag

I was so excited to see the wonderful and amazing Rendz from Reading from Rendz tag for me for this book tag. Not only because it's so creative, but Rendz made it herself and everything she does is so much goalssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. See what I did there? I was feeling proud. Now, I don't know really … Continue reading FIFA World Cup Book Tag


Mid-Year Freak Out Tag (2018)

Sha is putting in a sick day in the book blogging world, and Mandy is here to fill in! You will be seeing Sha on Sunday again for a very special post celebrating a certain holiday perhaps? But until then you have Mandy doing some mid year freaking out! (also idk what happened to this … Continue reading Mid-Year Freak Out Tag (2018)

Underrated Female Heroes Tag

I would like to thank the wonderful Kate @ Melting Pots and Other Calamities for tagging me for this one!! Kate is always so wonderful and coming up with some great things including tags like this, amazing webtoon recommendations, her own great writing, and reviews! I love how she decided to shine some light on … Continue reading Underrated Female Heroes Tag

Bookish Academy Awards

I do love me a good award show...although I've found them quite boring recently. However, book awards???? Yes, I'm so down for it! Thank you so much to Michaela @ Journey Into Books for tagging me for this! She has such a lovely blog full of fantastic review, amazing quote selections, book tags like this, … Continue reading Bookish Academy Awards

This or That Book Tag (ft. 2 Book Princesses)

Today we are bringing you a dual Mandy-Sha post...and we’re not even doing a buddy read! What is this madness??? Okay, but we should actually probably be doing a lot more of these, because two book princesses are always better than one - I think. I just made that up, but it sounds great. Anyway, … Continue reading This or That Book Tag (ft. 2 Book Princesses)

Egyptian Mythology Book Tag

Another mythology book tag from the wonderful Kyera? Of course the moment I saw it, I'm like signnnnnnnnnnnnn me up. Kyera creates the most creative and coolest book tags that have this ridiculously cool prompts with mythology. Besides that, she's just an awesome blogger. I would like to thank her for tagging me in her … Continue reading Egyptian Mythology Book Tag

Mandy Explains Books: Secrets of a Reluctant Princess

Bonjour! Look at me being fancy and actually greeting people instead of just going into my chaotic ramblings. I don't quite know how this happened, but shhhhh let's just go with it at the moment. I briefly mentioned this in my April Wrap-Up, but I'm trying to find some new things for the blog. I … Continue reading Mandy Explains Books: Secrets of a Reluctant Princess

20 Questions Book Tag

I used to love those 20 questions games. I think there was this little digital bubble thing that you would think of something and then it would ask you 20 questions and have to guess it. Well, this tag isn't quite that, but it seemed like a good amount of fun. Thanks so much to … Continue reading 20 Questions Book Tag

The Villains Read: Captain Hook

I'm on a roll, so let's just see how long we can keep this going. Fingers crossed for Mandy???? Captain Hook! Captain Hook has always been an interesting villain for me. I never really took him too seriously, and I feel like I never really trusted his murderous intentions to be...actually murderous? And maybe that's … Continue reading The Villains Read: Captain Hook

The Cheesy Goodness Book Tag

The moment I saw this tag, I knew I had to do it. I'm not so much a cheese fan, but it can be quite yummy. I always refer to the best swoony romance books as "adorable cheesy goodness" so of course I'm all over this. Thank you so much to Amanda @ MetalPhantasmReads for … Continue reading The Cheesy Goodness Book Tag