BPR’s 2019 in Review

2019 has come . . . and gone??? I know we're on repeat with, like, a million other people out there, but where has time gone? I feel like it was just last year that I was ready to go out and find what 2019 books I was excited for. We are going through what … Continue reading BPR’s 2019 in Review

BPR’s 2018 in Review + Our New Year’s Resolutions!

It's almost 2019, and we've officially become those old people that are forever asking, when did it become 2019??? We're here to count down some of the best and worst of 2018, as we eagerly await a whole new bunch of moments, memories, and books to come for 2019! YEAR IN REVIEW JANUARY TOP POST: … Continue reading BPR’s 2018 in Review + Our New Year’s Resolutions!

Goodbye Book Princess Reviews! 👋

Book Princess Reviews entered the book blog world in 2016 and underwent a few changes here and there since its birth. (Namely, Mandy used to drop three posts a day like a maniac. Did she even sleep? Who knows!) But now. . . It's time to say goodbye forever.   WHOA. Okay. Did I give you a … Continue reading Goodbye Book Princess Reviews! 👋