➳ DIY Halloween Costume: CUPID ➳

What could be better than a sweet, cute, lovable cupid costume for Halloween? That's what I asked myself when brainstorming ideas for a costume (except, again, I whipped this one up for camp, so I did this mid-summer and not for Halloween). Maybe I didn't go OG-Cupid with wings (couldn't find any, for the oddest reason) … Continue reading ➳ DIY Halloween Costume: CUPID ➳

🍴 Meal Ideas for When You Just Can’t 🍴

It's nearing the end of September, which means I've been back at uni for almost a month now. That also means near thirty days of prepping (hopefully) nutritious lunches and coming home late in the evening, drop-dead tired but dinner already on my mind. You know how it is. You want that good, healthy lifestyle … Continue reading 🍴 Meal Ideas for When You Just Can’t 🍴

🏫 Back to School Shopping Ideas 🏫 (Budget-Friendly!)

The summer heat has not left us, but educational institutions across the world are throwing open their doors in preparation for the crowds of students that will pound through any day now (if not already!). It's back to school season (yeah, yeah, a period of like two weeks, but let's call it a season) and if … Continue reading 🏫 Back to School Shopping Ideas 🏫 (Budget-Friendly!)

🌵 Indoor Plants to Spice Up Your Room

Ever wanted to decorate your room but had a lack of ideas, cash flow, or know how? Then jump straight to the leafy babies (or spiky babies): plants! In this quick Book Baller on a Budget guide, I'll tell you WHY you should add some plants to your room, WHAT plants you should consider, WHERE … Continue reading 🌵 Indoor Plants to Spice Up Your Room

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field!   Hey, you know you gotta laugh! Today’s post is raring and ready to celebrate all the amazing, dedicated men in our lives. This Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 17th and here at BPR, we wanted to give you every chance … Continue reading Father’s Day Gift Guide